Tatran beat Metalurg in Presov

← Previous Story Knudsen and Rasmussen face their former team mates Next Story → PSG Handball celebrate first EHF CL win In the second round of Group C in the Champions League Tatran Presov defeated Metalurg Skopje 27:22 in Tatran Handball Arena, Presov, Slovakia.The Slovakian champions were 2:9 down in the 15th minute of the game. At that time Metalurg dominated the match by their great defence and efficient counter attacks. After Tatran´s time out home team coach RastislavTrtikchanged the defensive system of his players from 6-0 to 4-2, which proved to be the most decisive moment of the game later on.The Macedonian vice champions could not get through Tatran´s active defence and excellent goalkeeper VadymBrazhnyk. TatranPresov, who missed their key centre back Lukas Urban because of ankle injury, claimed their first Champions League Group Stage victory of the season.Post-match statement:Rastislav Trtik, coach of TatranPresov:“I am glad we managed to win this important game. The fans could see a top quality game in Tatran Handball Arena. Lino Cervar is very experienced and respected coach. He has a great composition of good and young talented players within his team. Normally they would beat us badly. But after first 15 minutes we risked and completely changed our defensive system to 4-2. This system put Metalurg under huge pressure. They were not able to react to it until the end of the game. It was only first away game of Metalurg in the Champions League, so finally they paid for it.”Oliver Rabek, left back of TatranPresov:“I am very pleased we managed to win this important game. First 15 minutes were disastrous for us. Then we started to play with maximum concentration. We started to play together as a team. I enjoyed the game despite they marked me personally. We managed to be efficient against their excellent defence. I would like to thank our fans for their support.”Vadym Brazhnyk, goalkeeper of Tatran:“We prepared thoroughly for Macedonians during the week. Unfortunately we did not manage first 15 minutes at all. Then we changed a defensive system and started to play with concentration as a big team. It was the game of high quality defences. Metalurg´s defence was great in the beginning of the match and their goalkeeper had many important saves. Then we came back to the game and dominated last 45 minutes. Finally we deserved to win and take two important points.”Dominik Krok, left back of Tatran:“We played a great game from 15th minute of the match.Our defence and attack started to work very well at that time. To be 2:9 down in the game and finally win it by 5 goals is absolutely brilliant. We delivered a team performance. We gave our hearts into the game and deservedly won it. I would like to thank our fans for their amazing support during the entire match.”JakubHrstka, left wing of Tatran:“I would like to completely forget the first 15 minutes of the game. We did not play what we planned before the match at all.We were not aggressive in defence, so Metalurg´s backs scored from all positions. After our time out, when we were 2:9 down, we built the momentum with our great defensive system 4-2. We put Metalurg under huge pressure. They started to lose the balls. We were able to score many counter-attack goals. VadymBrazhnykhad outstanding saves in our goal. We lost the first half only by one goal. In the second half we became even more aggressive and we put their backs under enormous pressure. They made a lot of technical faults and we scored a lot of easy goals. We are glad we managed to clinch two precious points against high quality rivals at our home court.”Lino Cervar, coach of Metalurg Skopje:“Congratulations to Tatran on their victory. My team played very well in the first 15 minutes. Then we completely lost our concentration. TatranPresov came back to the game. They were better side until the end of the game, especially in the second half time and deserved to win the game.”NemanjaMladenovic, centre back of Metalurg Skopje:“I would like to congratulate to Tatran on their performance. They showed us how to fight at home court. We played perfectly in the first 15 minutes, when we were in 9:2 lead. Everything was working for us. We were concentrated and converted our chances. Then we lost concentration and everything in the game. We have to forget this match, learn from our mistakes. In the next games we have to remain focused for 60 minutes.”After Saturday´s games of the 2nd round of the ChampionsLeagueGroup Stage TatranPresovwent up to the 3rd place of Group C with 2 points. In the third round Slovakian champions travel to Logrono to encounter Naturhouse La Rioja. The game is scheduled for Saturday 8 October 2016 at 17:30 CET in Palacio de los Deportes de La Rioja, Logrono, Spain.Champions League 2016/2017 – Group C – 2nd roundSaturday 1 October 2016 (15.00 CET), Tatran Handball Arena, Presov, SlovakiaTATRAN Presov (SVK) – Metalurg Skopje (MKD) 27:22 (11:12)TATRAN: Chupryna, Brazhnyk – Rabek4, M. Sarpataky, Humenansky, Hrstka7, D. Krok4, Sadovyi 3, Pekar, Cip 3, Peskov, Vucko 4, Jankovic 2, Pales, Tsarapkin. Coach: R. Trtik.Metalurg:Arsic, Dupjacanec – Petrov, Mladenovic3, Kosteski,Obradovic3, Matijasic, Dragas5, Nelovski 2, Taleski4, Velkovski2, Brajovic, Peshevski1, Kuzmanovski 1, Drogrishki 1, Palevski. Coach: L. Cervar.Referees: Baranowski, Lemanowicz (POL), 7m given/goals: 2/1 – 2/2, 2´ penalties: 1 – 2, Spect. 1200.Author: Richard FechPhoto: Viktor Zamborsky, TatranPresov read more