Bus removed from Ottawa crash scene

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 As day two of the investigation into the deadly bus crash in Ottawa wraps up, we have more information about the six victims, ranging in age from 21 to 54.Mia Gordon has the details.The bus has since been moved from the scene and the Via Rail tracks with train service from Ottawa to Toronto should be re-opening Friday morning. But on this day, the city of Ottawa was remembering those who lost their lives in this tragic accident.The 6 passengers who lost their lives are being mourned throughout Ottawa Thursday. Two of the victims, 21 year old Connor Boyd and Kyle Nash, were both students at Carleton University. The University’s President Roseann O’reilly Runte released the statement saying: “In times of loss, our Carleton community rallies to support one and another, to provide comfort and aid. The loss of such young people, who were in the prime of their lives, will touch us in many ways.”The other victims include:54 year old Michael Bleakney — an engineer with Public Works and Government Services Canada. His family describes him as the best father and husband.53 year old Karen Kryzewski, a mother of two, who worked at library and archives Canada. She loved art and making gifts.35 year old Rob More,and 45 year old Dave Woodard, the driver of the bus and father of three.All of the victims lived in Ottawa and, as the investigation continues, the focus turns to Woodard, a 10-year veteran at OC Transpo. Woodard’s wife, Terry posted this statement on Facebook:“Today I lost my HUSBAND the love of my LIFE my best friend the father of my daughter and a great step DAD to the boys…I don’t know what to say…I want him back so much…MISS you BABY…be always in my prayers in my mind, but most of all in my heart….life is not the same without you here…”She says her husband was an amazing driver, and says something must have gone wrong to cause the accident. Now it’s up to investigators with the Transportation Safety Board to figure out why the bus crashed through a safety barrier and slammed into a Via Rail train Wednesday.Rob Johnston, TSB Lead Investigator commented: “Particularly for crossing accidents, we’re looking at the operation of the train, track infastructure, the maintenance of the crossing, operation of the automated warning devices, and of course the added complexity is the roadway vehicle that we have to evaluate as well.”Investigators have removed the black box event recorder and have recovered data recorders from the Ottawa city bus and train, but it could be months until there are any answers. read more