Ban rejects Georgian claim he was blackmailed by Russia

Last week, Mr. Ban’s report to the Security Council – in which he wrote that the UN Mission in the country (UNOMIG) has contributed to the local population’s overall security but cautioned that an agreement on a revised security regime is needed for lasting stability – was made public.Yesterday’s claim made by Ambassador Alexander Lomaia of Georgia “that the Secretary-General amended his report on Georgia in response to ‘Russian blackmail’ is categorically rejected,” Mr. Ban’s spokesperson said in a statement. Mr. Lomaia made the claims at a news conference at UN Headquarters in New York.The statement added that the Secretary-General’s main concern in the drafting of his report on Georgia has been that “all concerned parties should engage on the substantive issues in question, more specifically on a mechanism to guarantee safety and security in this troubled region.”The adoption of the publication’s title – “Report of the Secretary-General pursuant to Security Council resolutions 1808 (2008), 1839 (2008) and 1866 (2009)” – “was meant to avoid unnecessary politicization of the debate among members of the Security Council and reflected his view of what all members could live with.” 28 May 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today spoke out against Georgia’s claim that he was coerced by Russia into amending his recent report on the Caucasus nation. read more