Robert Markotic stays in NEXE until 2015

HC NEXERK NexeRobert Markotic ← Previous Story Serbian legend, Nedeljko Jovanovic: “France is the best ever” Next Story → TRAGEDY: Bernd and Reinhard Methe die in car accident One of the “hot perspective for the future” in Croatia, right back, Robert Markotic (21) prolonged contract with vice-champion and one of the best teams of SEHA League, NEXE from Nasice. New deal until 2015 will help team’s coach, Kasim Kamenica to build strong team with Markotic, as one of the best player and scorer.Markotic is already five seasons in Nasice. He was the part of the U19 NT squad, who won gold medal at the WCh in 2009. Second Croatian team, HC NEXE is stronger and stronger, season by season with strong Management and secure general sponsorship.