New Safety Rules For Driving Schools

first_imgSERVICE N.S./MUNICIPAL RELATIONS–New Safety Rules For DrivingSchools include a provision that a criminal record check be conducted as part of the initial licensing of a school or instructor; enhance the training programs for instructors; report course results to the department, ensure that instructors must be employed by either a public or private educational institution or have completed an instructors course approved by the department; increase in-car training to 10 hours; include instruction on cross walk safety, require that vehicles used for training are in good mechanical condition, and require driving schools to have all the necessary equipment and personnel to conduct both classroom and on-road training. New driver training school regulations will help make for a saferenvironment for students learning how to drive, Service NovaScotia and Municipal Relations Minister Barry Barnet announcedtoday, Oct. 1. “Driver training provides new drivers with a sound foundation andis an important part of making our roads safer,” said theminister. After reviewing the driving school and instructor regulations,representatives of the industry and members of the Road SafetyAdvisory Committee, the committee responsible for promoting roadsafety, agreed that changes were needed. The revisions are partof the initial renewal of licences for driving schools. The new regulations will:center_img The minister added that the updated rules will enable theprovince to maintain an effective and safe driving schoolprogram. Driver training schools and instructors are licensed underprovisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. For more information see thewebsite at read more

Yiannis Arvanitis about Greek success We are small on EURO handball map

The Greek handball is “on fire” after surprising win over big rival from neighborhood – 28:26. Chances of Yiannis Arvanitis team to qualify for the first ever EHF EURO event are now much bigger. Even that Greece finish third in the group, they will have two points which gives them quite good position to be among four best third placed teams at the end. Greek handballYiannis Arvanitis ← Previous Story NEW MONTPELLIER PROBLEM: Diego Simonet to miss action in November Next Story → SEHA: RK Vardar junior team with -15 from Brest We are in very good position in this group. Guys have experiences, mood, talent, quality and work a lot. The result has come, it could not have come, but what we have shown is that we are here. And in Iceland we managed it for 40 minutes, today we did it for 60 minutes. This victory means that we are very strong now in claim 3 ththe position of the group that could lead us to EHF EURO 2020. This gives us motivation and vision and I believe will help to make our work even better. We have a small name on the European map of handball, but our talent is bigger – said Arvanitis, writes e-handball.grPHOTO: read more

Poor us Ireland is less wealthy than the EU average

first_imgIRISH PEOPLE ARE slightly poorer than the European Union average, new data from the continent’s statistics office released this week shows.The research measures Actual Individual Consumption, which is an indication of the material welfare of households.Ireland comes in three points below the EU average level, leading a trio of fellow bailout countries in Italy, Cyprus and Spain.The richest country in Europe is Luxembourg, which comes in 38 points above average. This, however, may be slightly skewed by the fact that a large number of those who work in Luxembourg commute there from neighbouring countries. Source: Eurostat/screengrabThe second highest level of consumption was in Germany, 25 points above average. Austria, Sweden and Denmark round out the top five, while our near neighbours in the UK beat us by two places.AIC measures goods and services consumed by individuals, irrespective of whether they are paid for by people themselves, the Government or by non-profit organisations.The poorest country in the EU is Bulgaria, with a consumption rate of less than half the EU average. No country in the bottom three, which was rounded out by Romania and Croatia, came within 50% of Germany’s wealth.Poll: Should Ireland bring in a tax on wealth?>Read: World’s wealthiest 85 people own same amount as half the global population>last_img read more