SPP Energy off to a flying start

first_imgThe SPP Energy Division has already chalked up a number of success stories since its recent launch. Through the use of proven systems and techniques, SPP Energy offers a complete energy saving solution for pumping systems that can be applied equally to new projects and existing installations – ultimately producing a detailed report making recommendations for corrective action and clearly showing cost savings, kW/h savings, payback time and CO2 reduction. Imerys Minerals installed four high pressure SPP Split Case BS08E Centrifugal pumps during 2001. The nominal speed of these units is 1,490 rpm with fixed speed drives and 355 kW electric motors.These pumps have been working on a rotational basis between 25% and 75% utilisation but with two pumps on demand at all times.Imerys Minerals is very proactive in its energy saving programs but required more information on the performance and efficiency of these units. SPP Pumps was called on to conduct a full condition monitoring program involving the following tests:o Thermodynamic “wire to water” efficiency testing.o Ultrasonic flow measurement with conventional pressure gauges and power analysero Vibration analysiso Bearing temperature monitoringSPP has already identified considerable financial savings and corresponding CO2 reduction, and further options are being explored that could potentially generate even greater annual savings.last_img read more