Microsoft confirms the Xbox One is not designed to stand vertically

first_imgIt turns out the Xbox One doesn’t just share an x86 architecture with the original Xbox, it’s also a games console that will not stand vertically. That’s now been confirmed by Albert Panello, senior director for Microsoft’s Xbox division.While all of the PlayStation consoles, including the PS4, can be sat both horizontally and vertically with a stand, that’s not the case for the Xbox One. You can try to, but Panello says you are doing so “at your own risk.”The reason for this decision isn’t actually related to cooling, which would have been my first guess. Instead, it’s that slot loading Blu-ray drive used in the machine. Microsoft just didn’t design it to work with the console in a vertical position, so there’s no guarantee it won’t break.Chances are you weren’t considering orientating the Xbox One vertically anyway, and Microsoft claims 80 percent of Xbox 360 owners keep their console horizontal. Does that mean they will potentially be upsetting the other 20 percent who are going to replace their 360 at some point in the near future? Probably not.For the majority of people the Xbox One will be a box slotted horizontally in a space below their TV–out of the way and protected from dust as best it can. Some may try to go vertical, but they’ll have to do it without the aid of a stand and without Microsoft’s blessing. And as the console costs $500, you’ve either got to be pretty brave or stupid to attempt it.last_img read more