Latest Tiger Woods game glitch allows players to golf topless

first_imgBritish tabloids will try to make news of anything, especially if its sleaze, so try not to have a heart attack as the venerable Sun tries to make hot coffee out of one Briton’s report that the latest Tiger Woods game, Tiger Woods PGA 11 for the Sony PlayStation 3, has a glitch that allows you to golf naked. Heaven forfend!According to the Sun reader who reported the glitch, after creating her avatar in-game, she suddenly lost her top when her character took a swing…. and now she can’t get her in-game top back. She says she believes a programmer put the glitch in on purpose to reference Tiger Woods’ sordid affairs back in 2009.Of course, the truth is a lot more pedestrian: even console games have bugs. Even if it’s not a bug, Electronic Arts is being extremely firm about the matter:“We have extensively investigated and have determined that this situation is not possible through a retail copy of the game. The player model is clearly modified as a result of hacking.” Given how easy it is to hack the PS3 these days, they may be right, although the girl in question doesn’t exactly seem bright enough for it. My guess? This is just a titillating bug, not a conspiracy on either side.Read more at The Sunlast_img read more