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first_imgDrawing may be called the crystallization of an idea. To many artists, drawing is that integral part of the artistic process wherein many a nebulous thought is actualized with lines, textures, shape and form. Drawing sensibilities pervade all visual media yet drawing can be independent of all other media. To discuss the idea, India International centre is going to host ‘Drawing about Drawing’, an exhibition by Rohini Sen.‘Drawing about Drawing’ as the title suggests, is a tribute to the process of drawing and its partnership with the artist.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’She says that drawings are an attempt to represent what drawing might mean to the artist as well as introspect about how drawing is taught and learned today. “When the need to draw something is juxtaposed with the fear of not being able to perfectly recreate on paper the idea that lingers in the mind, one can trace back this deep seated feeling of fear to the way art classes are conducted in schools and colleges today,” she says. Some drawings in this collection wonder about how colonial pedagogical practices continue to rule over art teaching in India today – whether it is the way art is assessed in art schools or kindergarteners in schools who for decades together have been learning that the sun shines with a smiley face behind V-shaped mountains overlooking a bright cobalt blue river.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThis show is an experiment to bring to the forefront several nuggets of the role that drawing potentially could play or is already playing in our lives. A series of four drawings in this collection deal with the response to a natural calamity. Drawing for Resilience: Nepal 2015, were made shortly after the Nepal earthquake when a close family member happened to be visiting Nepal at the time and experienced the earthquake from very close quarters.  The four drawings try to lay out a narrative of hope and prayer after a phase of despair and destruction. These drawings emblematize the idea that the act of drawing is indeed a cognitive action and like grammar in language, drawing too is an equal way of responding. Her relationship with drawing, as a student and then as a professional artist-teacher began as a troublesome relationship of fear, hesitation and resistance and magically transformed in to one of curiosity, love and longing. Her aesthetic affinities and drawing tendencies are somewhat rooted in the Madhubani tradition – this folk art style became an inseparable part of my artistic identity during art classes at The Rishi Valley School where she studied.When: December 5 to 11Where: Art Gallery, IIC Annexe, Lodhi EstateTimings: 11 am to 7 pmlast_img read more

Your Competitors Are Going Mobile Heres Why You Should Too

first_imgJuly 20, 2016 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now » This story originally appeared on Bizness Apps Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 6 min read As more and more consumers rely on their mobile devices for personal and business use, the need for a mobile app is rapidly growing. 2015 was dubbed “The Year of the Mobile Web,” so small businesses without a mobile presence have already fallen far behind.There’s typically only one reason these businesses hold out: money.The cost of a mobile appIn January 2015, Clutch conducted a survey of a number of leading mobile app developers to determine the average overall cost of building an iPhone/Android app, including the factors or variables that affect cost the most. The findings put the average cost of mobile app development between $37,913 and $171,450. For a small business, even the lower end of this price range is a hefty one to swallow, especially without an immediate return on investment.Luckily, the average price has fallen drastically. While the numbers may be a bit out of date, the data can still help us identify the features carrying the highest cost when developing a mobile app: the infrastructure, features and design. On the less expensive end is the planning, deployment and even testing that goes into the mobile app’s release.Why mobile development is more accessible nowTechnology often changes so fast that as soon as data like the above is released, newer technology has made development more accessible, thus lowering costs. As mobile development has become more popular and important in today’s business world, the number of app builders on the market also grown. More providers means more competitive pricing; there are more options to choose from, and some of these options are remarkably cheap compared to the prices we were seeing just a year or more ago.Also on the rise is app development software. Some of these software or app development services are designed for a small business to make their own mobile app at a very low price. As long as a business owner is willing to take the time and effort required, these hyper user-friendly tools can drastically reduce overhead.The evolution of mobile is almost identical to the changes we’ve witnessed in web development through its infancy and beyond. In the early stages of the Internet, having a website became an undisputed necessity for businesses, but development was costly. There was only a small number of developers and designers available. Now, there are a number of inexpensive services that allow anyone to make their own functioning website with relative ease.The future of small businesses and mobile developmentWith a mobile app becoming a much more reasonable investment for a small business to swallow, the future looks very positive. Recent data reports that roughly a quarter of small businesses already have a mobile app and another 27% of them have plans to enter the mobile world in the next year or so. As prices go down and accessibility goes up, these numbers are likely to increase rapidly.Part of the shift from uncertainty to conviction is simple education. Small businesses ambivalent about adopting mobile may have been quoted for an app a year or more ago and still believe it’s out of their price range. Others fail to see how a mobile app will impact their business or how it’s relevant to their industry.What mobile development can be used forAt the core of all business apps, there’s one of a number of key drivers:Accessibility & visibility — As mobile search volume continues to grow, adopting a mobile platform is more and more important for accessibility and visibility. If consumers can’t find you or interact with your brand in the mobile environment, they may defect to a mobile competitor. Alternatively, attracting new customers without a mobile app could become harder and harder; your business is less discoverable and you lack a key tool to keep you up-to-date and competitive in your industry.Internal processes & productivity — While we often think of apps as a new platform for our customers to engage with, mobile development also improves internal processes and productivity. Many companies utilize desktop software to facilitate certain day-to-day business processes. A mobile-centric version of this software could further enhance these processes. After all, mobile is, well, mobile, which means you can perform these processes on the go instead of sitting down to fire up your desktop.Customer experience — Without mobile, a customer’s relationship with your brand or company is interrupted the moment they walk out the door. By providing a mobile app experience, that relationship does not have to end. Your brand is more accessible, appears more personable, and can stimulate more communication. Improving the customer experience ultimately increases brand loyalty and reduces churn.All of these factors and others have direct relationships to profits. The more visible you are, the more discoverable you are to new and existing customers. Internal mobile apps boost productivity and, perhaps more than ever, time is money. Lastly, a mobile app is key to enhancing the customer experience, which is becoming more and more important to audiences. It is no longer about offering the best product and quality, you also need to provide the best experience and mobile is one of the most important facets of that.ConclusionThe mobile world took off like a rocket. In a few short years, it moved from a trend and a business luxury to an accessible and vital dimension of the modern business. In the past, small businesses couldn’t afford to invest in this rapidly growing, mobile world. But as mobile has grown, so has the number of app developers and services available, reducing the costs of mobile adoption.Even though only about a quarter of small businesses have entered the mobile app world, more expect to join soon. Those who remain unconvinced may be swayed as prices go down and accessibility goes up. And for the rest, a little bit of education on how mobile can impact their success could set them over the edge.last_img read more

How to Make Your Video Meetings More Productive

first_imgMarch 7, 2019 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. As more of the workforce eschews traditional offices in favor of remote work, communication trends have shifted away from audio calls and toward video conferences for two key reasons.The first one is obvious: Technologies have evolved to the point where video calls are clearer and more convenient than ever. But more importantly, video calls have recently been proven to better foster team-wide trust, engagement, and collaboration than their audio-only counterparts, and employers are taking note.Notably, a 2016 survey conducted by the telecommunications provider West Corporation found that 73 percent of workers admitted to being “more attentive and engaged during a video conference call than audio-only calls”, vastly reducing the number of attendees multitasking and otherwise disengaging during meetings.In order to reap all the perks of video conferencing, employers must consider services that offer the most flexibility, reliability and support. While many conferencing solutions charge premium rates for additional services like video conference quality, length and number of participants, RingCentral Meetings is a comprehensive, cloud-based web conferencing tool for businesses that boasts a stacked lineup of features for HD video conferencing, team-wide collaboration and screen-sharing — all for free on one single, streamlined platform.With a RingCentral Meetings account, teams of up to 100 participants can hold an unlimited number of HD video conference calls on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. This impressive accessibility applies whether you’re at home, the office, an airport in Spain, a hotel in Maine, or a coffee shop in Ukraine — basically, anywhere you need to connect with one another.If you’re hosting or participating in one of these meetings, you can share presentations, whiteboards, websites, and files with your team from local and cloud-based storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. You’re also given options to spotlight speakers, lock meetings, save chats, and record meetings for future reference and sharing. Your participants, meanwhile, can raise their hands, mute or unmute their mics, request remote control, and initiate text chats for more organized, collaborative discussions.After you sign up for RingCentral Meetings be sure to take full advantage of all of its features, including screen sharing, which equips both the host and attendees with tools that make video conferencing more interactive, advanced annotation tools, team messaging, and more. It’ll feel like the whole team’s in one conference room, even if you are (hundreds or thousands of) miles apart.Ready to give RingCentral Meetings a try? Entrepreneur readers can sign their team up for a free account. 3 min read Register Now »last_img read more

Get Salesforce Certified and Raise Your Earning Potential

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. If you depend on Salesforce for your business, you’ve probably noticed a little thing called Lightning. What is it, you ask? An entirely new Salesforce experience that helps individual sales and service teams work more naturally and productively. While the classic version you’re used to isn’t going anywhere just yet, you can get a leg up with the help of this Complete Salesforce Lightning Certification Training Bundle.Through 19 hours of training and four separate courses, this bundle breaks down everything you need to know about the Lightning experience. Each one is a step towards certifying your skills.In part one, you’ll learn the essentials, like organization setup, user setup, security, and access. In parts two and three, you’ll dive into standard and custom objects, sales and marketing apps, data management, and service and support. And finally, you’ll understand analytics, workflow, desktop and mobile administration, and AppExchange.With lifetime access, you can return to these courses whenever you want. Once you get a grasp on it, you’ll have everything you need to take and ace the Salesforce Lightning ADX201 exam. And the transition from Classic to Lightning will be smooth as butter.Originally this training bundle would cost you $796, but you can slash 96% off and get it on sale for just $29. Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 2 min read June 9, 2019 Register Now »last_img read more


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