Björk Calls Out Media For Being Sexist And Unfair To Female Artists After Day For Night DJ Performance

first_imgWhen you think of modern music artists that stretch the limits of artistic boundaries, Björk would be an artist that would be at, or at least very near, the top of the list. Throughout her career, the Icelandic-born musicians zigged and zagged her way through various metamorphoses in a constant career evolution. Her most recent DJ performance and multi-media exhibition, dubbed Björk Digital, at this past weekend’s Day For Night festival in Houston, TX notwithstanding. Apparently some in the media world didn’t get the message.Along with performances from artists such as Aphex Twin, Odesza, Kaskade, Arca, and more, Björk put her new ideas and concepts, along with her fairly recent foray into the world of DJ’ing, on full display.  The 80-minute, five room multi-media installation, which only allowed for 25 people at a time (who had to sign up to attend) was certainly a new type of experience, but not completely out-of-the-box when compared to various types of art installations that other festival’s have been more and more inclined to feature in the last year or two.Some in the media argued that the display was too ambitious for what current technology allows. Others said she was not truly performing, or was simply “hiding behind a desk.” Fairly insulting, especially when you consider how many males performing at the festival were doing the same thing….but without having created a massive multi-media platform and experience to go along with it.In a Facebook post, she argued that “women in music are allowed to be singer songwriters singing about their boyfriends . if they change the subject matter to atoms , galaxies , activism , nerdy math beat editing or anything else than being performers singing about their loved ones they get criticized.” Certainly a good point, but a sad one at that, given that we are heading into 2017, and not 1917.Björk is the definition of avant-garde, which many times can take people beyond their usual comfort zones. That’s certainly not her fault. And if you don’t understand that taking artistic chances has always been a major reason for the trajectory, and subsequent success, of Björk’s career, then you are sort of missing the point to begin with. Read her entire statement below:[via Brooklyn Vegan and The Guardian]last_img read more