Archeological symposium planned for Saturday

This weekend, Brock will host a symposium that will feature speakers from Canada and the U.S.The Brock University Archaeological Symposium will be Saturday, March 12 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The theme is “Pride and Prejudice: Perceptions of the City and Country in the Ancient World.” Speakers will be:Stephen Dyson, University at BuffaloSean Lockwood, Trent UniversityMichael Carter, Brock UniversitySpencer Pope, McMaster UniversityBarbara Reeves, Queen’s UniversityTickets are $5. Lunch is included. There is an optional banquet afterward. All are welcome.For more information, contact Susan Grouchy, president of the Brock University Archaeological Society, at sg07xg@brocku.ca


At Security Council Ban calls for eradicating weapons of mass destruction once

Kiyoshi Odawara, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs for Japan, addresses the Security Council open debate. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (right), Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of the Security Council for August, addresses the Council’s open debate. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine Emmanuel Roux, Special Representative of INTERPOL (the International Criminal Police Organization) to the United Nations, addresses the Security Council open debate. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the Security Council open debate on the topic “Challenges in addressing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery and related materials.” UN Photo/JC McIlwaine Miroslav Lajcák, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, addresses the Security Council open debate on the “Challenges in addressing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery and related materials”. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine Kim Won-soo, Acting UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, addresses the Security Council open debate. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas “I call on all States to focus on one overriding truth: the only sure way to prevent the human, environmental and existential destruction these weapons can cause, is by eradicating [these weapons] once and for all,” said Mr. Ban in his remarks at the Security Council open debate on ‘non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.’ “We – the international community – must ensure the disarmament and non-proliferation framework is universally and completely implemented, and is resilient and versatile enough to grapple with the changing environment,” he added.In his remarks, Mr. Ban said the success in preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction offers some comfort and that multilateral treaties, including the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Biological Weapons Convention, and instruments, including Security Council resolution 1540, are “robust and tested.” Adopted in 2004, resolution 1540 affirms that the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and their means of delivery constitutes a threat to international peace and security.But the Secretary-General also pointed out that the challenges to the disarmament and non-proliferation architecture are growing. He noted that technological advances have made means of production and methods of delivery of these weapons easier and more accessible. “Vicious non-State actors that target civilians for carnage are actively seeking chemical, biological and nuclear weapons,” he stressed.He said that it is particularly disappointing that progress on eliminating nuclear weapons has descended into fractious deadlock, underscoring that arguments justifying nuclear weapons, such as those used during the Cold War, “were morally, politically and practically wrong thirty years ago, and they are wrong now”.Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urges all states to focus on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in order to “prevent the human, environmental and existential destruction these weapons can cause”. Credit: UN News CentreRecalling the Security Council’s convening of the historic summit on non-proliferation and adoption of resolution 1887 (2009) in which it emphasized its primary responsibility to address nuclear threats and its willingness to take action, Mr. Ban said the global community now expects the Council to demonstrate the same leadership on the subject, to build on resolution 1887 and to develop further initiatives to bring about a world free of weapons of mass destruction.While noting that more needs to be done to “bridge the divide” within the international community, the UN chief said that it was encouraging that all UN Member States agree that the collective efforts must complement and strengthen the nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime, including the NPT, which is the only treaty-based commitment to nuclear disarmament and has been a strong barrier against nuclear proliferation for nearly 50 years.Biological attacks could be much more devastatingSpeaking on the threat of biological weapons, the Secretary General said that in the wake of serious outbreaks of Ebola, MERS and yellow fever, he is “very concerned” that the international community is not adequately prepared to prevent or respond to a biological attack. “The impact and consequences of a biological attack on a civilian target could far exceed those of a chemical or radiological attack,” he highlighted, stating that the investment in the international architecture dealing with these different types of weapons of mass destruction is not commensurate with their possible effects. “For example, there is no multilateral prevention and verification agency for biological weapons, as there is for nuclear and chemical threats and risks,” he added.The Secretary-General also called on the Security Council to consider how to strengthen resolution 1540 to ensure that non-State actors cannot acquire these horrific weapons. “For twelve years, this resolution has tried to provide a barrier to the threat and risk of weapons of mass destruction use by non-state actors, which is a very real threat,” recalled Mr. Ban.He called on the Council to use the open debate to be proactive in ensuring the resolution continues to be fit for purpose. Gregory Koblentz, Associate Professor and Director of the Biodefense Graduate Program at George Mason University, addresses the Security Council open debate. UN Photo/JC McIlwaine ‹ › People must also be protected from online attacksTurning to the new global threats emerging from the misuse of science and technology, and the power of globalization, the Secretary-General said that the nexus between these emerging technologies and weapons of mass destruction needs close examination and action. “Information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and synthetic biology will bring profound changes to our everyday lives and benefits to millions of people,” he noted, but cautioned that “their potential for misuse could also bring destruction.”As a starting point, Mr. Ban said the international community must step up to expand common ground for the peaceful use of cyberspace and, particularly, the intersection between cyberspace and critical infrastructure.Expressing that people now live a significant portion of their lives “online,” they must be protected from online attacks, just as effectively as they are protected from physical attacks. “Disarmament and non-proliferation instruments are only as successful as Member States’ capacity to implement them,” he noted, encouraging the members of the Council to devise effective solutions so that all states can fully implement their disarmament and non-proliferation commitments. read more


Tressel Ginn maintain relationship on high school college and professional levels

Jim Tressel feared the worst when he received a phone message from San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary on Oct. 25. Singletary, who was with his team in London, wanted to talk about former Buckeye and current 49ers quarterback Troy Smith. “He said it was regarding Troy, and as a parent, I’m like, ‘Oh, what did Troy do?’ because that’s how you think as a parent,” Tressel said. “So I called him back real quick, and it was good news.” The good news was that Smith would be starting against the Denver Broncos in place of injured quarterback Alex Smith. Singletary was simply gathering information about his new quarterback. Smith is 3-2 as a starting quarterback for the 49ers. Conversations like that between Tressel and Singletary are not unlike the talks Tressel has with Ted Ginn Sr., who coached Smith at Cleveland’s Glenville Academy. Since Tressel was hired in 2001, 14 of Ginn’s former players have played for Tressel at Ohio State. At least one Glenville player has committed to OSU every year since 2002, forming what has become known as the “Glenville pipeline.” But the connection between the two coaches started when Tressel was still coaching at Youngstown State University. Ginn and Tressel met while attending meetings for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in 1997, where the two discovered that they shared a common vision for their programs. “I always admired him and understood his work,” Ginn said. “He took the leash off us at Youngstown State and made you great. He gave you a purpose and a reason to play football at Youngstown State, and I saw that early on.” The Glenville Tarblooders were hardly a power when Ginn became coach in 1997, as the school was struggling to subsist in one of the poorest areas in east Cleveland. But the school’s fortunes changed when Smith transferred there in 2001 and teamed up with future Buckeye and 49ers teammate Ted Ginn Jr., helping the school reach the state playoffs during his senior year. Smith was the first Tarblooder to play for Tressel at OSU and was followed by a wave of others that included future NFL players Donte Whitner and Ginn Jr. The two schools have since become linked with each other, and Ginn Sr. said the values he shares with Tressel made him comfortable forming that relationship. “Coach Tressel helps you become a man but he also lets you know that you’re doing a job,” Ginn said. “You’re a servant to your state and community. It’s an obligation that you have to do. He’s doing a great job selling Ohio State to the players, and that creates a winning concept.” Senior offensive lineman Bryant Browning, who graduated from Glenville in 2006, echoed Ginn’s sentiments. “Coach Ginn and coach Tressel have that connection with each other,” Browning said. “Both guys really care about you on and off the field and make sure you do the right things to become a proper young man.” The mutual respect between the two coaches goes beyond football, Tressel said. “Coach Ginn has made a huge difference in many young people’s lives,” Tressel said. “His passion really is his school and giving those kids opportunities to become all they can be. “It just so happens that football is kind of his hobby,” Tressel said. “In his 24 hours of the day, he probably spends two or three hours on football and the rest on the kids.” Ginn said he doesn’t get much sleep at night, and there are times when he receives phone calls late at night to help his players. “If we don’t help the kids, who will?” Ginn said. “Take that responsibility of helping the kids like a father and giving them guidance — that’s not in the coaching curriculum, but we put it in the book.” Coming to OSU as an underdog quarterback, Smith surpassed expectations by winning the Heisman Trophy in 2006. During the trophy ceremony, he thanked Tressel and Ginn for their guidance. But the accolades Smith received at OSU didn’t make his transition to the NFL any easier, as he started in only two games during his three years with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens released Smith before the start of the 2010 season, and he signed with the 49ers as a backup. But an injury to starting quarterback Alex Smith led him into the starting role, and he made the most of it. The 49ers defeated the Broncos in Smith’s first start as he threw for 196 yards and a touchdown. Afterward, Ginn reflected on the player who had come to embody everything he and Tressel coach for. “That’s a miracle,” Ginn said. “If you go by the design of what people think and what’s been in place for many years about kids from the inner city, that is a miracle.” read more


7 things we learned from last nights Midlands NorthWest Prime Time debate

first_img Sounds like water charges might be a step to far #finegael #rtept— MB (@mairinber) May 18, 2014 Source: LAURA/Twitter While Gilroy described Pat ‘The Cope’ as Pat ‘Can’t Cope’ and at one point referred to “ethnically cleansed fish”.Whatever they are.The second debate features Ireland South candidates an is on RTÉ One at 10.35pm tonight. On The Trail: 9 odd, weird and wonderful things from Election 2014Keep up to date: All things Election 2014Read: Spending cuts and immigration policy main issues in EU Commission presidency debate Even Marian Harkin had strong words for the Monaghan councillor saying he was “trying to wrap the austerity flag around him”. But Labour’s Higgins, whose chances of winning a seat are slim, had a go several times, “He’ll be outside the room, while I’ll be in the room.” She even said she’d met Martin Schulz. But how many voters know who he is?2. Water, water, everywhereIn a constituency which includes Roscommon, where in some parts they might end up paying for undrinkable water, it’s no surprise that H2O was a big issue. It formed the basis of Katie Hannon’s pre-debate report and was the first question.Nobody seemed particularly happy about the situation. McGuinness, of Fine Gael, bemoaned the fact Ireland had in the past ignored a bunch of EU water directives and conceded that nobody should pay for water people don’t drink. Format of this debate means all established parties are attacking SF – there’s no one else with a divergent view. #rtept— Colette Browne (@colettebrowne) May 18, 2014 TJ Fay: People are “stressed beyond belief” about water charges. #rtept— Órla Ryan (@orlaryan) May 18, 2014 Lorraine Higgins said Labour had got fairness out of the water deal. The opposition criticised the setting up of Irish Water, Carthy in particularly pivoting back to his anti-austerity message. A Ming Montage #rtept pic.twitter.com/IsUZUNtAW5— LAURA (@AnastasiaQuiche) May 18, 2014 Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twitter 3. Names were dropped, policies were discussedThe crop of current MEPs tried their best to talk about the work they did. We heard about banking union – or, as Harkin put it: “Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted” – while Pat ‘The Cope’ discussed fishing policy. Jim Higgins talked about leaving politics at the door and sticking on the “green jersey”.Both he and McGuinness talked about how great Michael Noonan is while Higgins said he’d met a commissioner who no one’s ever heard of and had written to Joan Burton about the youth guarantee.Ah but has she written back enquired debate moderator David McCullagh? “I’m waiting for an answer,” poor Jim admitted. Source: Órla Ryan/Twitter Jim Higgins: I’ve written to Joan Burton….. urging here… to keep her eye on it… I am waiting for an answer. #rtept— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) May 18, 2014 Source: Mairin/Twitter Strange contrast between panel 1 and panel 2 for the European Elections debate #rtept— Aine Mc Manus (@ainemm91) May 18, 2014 Source: Aine Mc/Twitter Source: Colette Browne/Twitter THE FIRST OF three RTÉ Prime Time debates featuring almost all of the European election candidates took place last night with Midlands North-West hopefuls getting their turn.Thirteen of the 14 people running in the vast, 15-county constituency turned up for the debate which was not without its controversy beforehand with the format earning the ire of independent hopefuls Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan and Rónán Mullen.The duo were part of the second panel of night, but felt aggrieved at being excluded from the first which was made up of sitting MEPs and those with parties or independents with 10 per cent support or more at the last election.Panel one was Labour’s Lorraine Higgins, Sinn Féin’s Matt Carthy, Fine Gael’s Mairead McGuinness and Jim Higgins, Fianna Fáil’s Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher, and independent Marian Harkin.Panel two was Direct Democracy Ireland’s Ben Gilroy, Fianna Fáil’s Thomas Byrne, the aforementioned Ming and Mullen, the Green Party’s Mark Dearey, and independents TJ Fay and Mark Fitzsimons.And here are a few things we learned in case you were in bed/doing something better…1. Almost everyone targeted the Sinn Féin candidateMatt Carthy is a big favourite to take a seat in MNW and for that reason alone the other parties were keen, at every opportunity, to have a pop at him particularly after he reeled off the standard Sinn Féin spiel about the current crop of MEPs pursuing “an austerity agenda”. He even held up a copy of the party’s “fully-costed” pre-Budget submission.Lorraine Higgins said the SF’s policies made her “smile” while McGuinness went for an old favourite, telling Carthy: ”Your form of negotiation is almost to put a gun to the head of people… ” 4. The inclusion of two Fine Gael candidates in the first debate was a mistake. Having two MEPs from the same party on the one panel was slightly pointless and that became all the more apparent in the second half when there was no government representative. Mullen claimed this would have sent most people off to bed.Fitzsimons said at one point in the second debate: “You have a lot of people on the same side here, there’s no mix-up in it.” He was right.5. The format of the debate came up Mullen launched into a long criticism of RTÉ for the way they’d constructed the debate. He took “exception” to the structure and earned the applause of at least two other candidates. “You should have drawn lots,” he told Miriam O’Callaghan before at one point accusing her of “listening to the voices in your head”. Maybe he meant her producers. 6. Nigel Farage made an appearanceMiriam was keen to probe DDI candidate Ben Gilroy’s past praise of controversial UKIP leader Nigel Farage and sure enough Gilroy was only to happy to say Farage calls it as he sees it.Later he described Farage as a “lone soldier, but a strong voice” admitting he could well allay himself with the outspoken MEP in the next parliament.7. There were plenty of odd and funny moments Marian Harkin called David McCullagh “Donagh” while Thomas Byrne made the startling admission that ”the past happened, absolutely.”For no particular reason, Ming gave Gilroy pure evils when the latter was talking about the national debt.last_img read more


Ive got a job Ive got two jobs Roy Keane downplays Celtic

first_img“It’s all speculation and that speculation comes from yourselves. I don’t think you’ve heard it from any club sources. As I said, I’ve got a job and a game at the weekend, a busy old weekend coming up and I’m looking forward to that.”Sky Sports, meanwhile, this morning reported that another of Keane’s former clubs is interested in James McCarthy. Is the Ireland midfielder ready for a move to Manchester United?“He’s only been at Everton two minutes,” says the Corkman. “He’s obviously making good progress.“I’m pretty sure there will be speculation about lots of players going to United but James is at a good club in Everton, he’s had a decent couple of seasons and if he keeps progressing, who knows?“But I’m sure he’s pretty happy with where he is.”‘It’s something that will live with me forever’ – Keogh ready for £120m Wembley challengeMan United’s Class of 92 take on a team of builders in a rooftop five-a-side IRELAND ASSISTANT BOSS Roy Keane has distanced himself from the vacant manager’s job at Celtic.Neil Lennon resigned yesterday after a successful term in charge at Parkhead.Former Hoops midfielder Keane has been mooted as a possible replacement in the Celtic Park hotseat.“I’ve got a job… I’ve got two jobs! I can’t have another one,” said Keane after Ireland training at Malahide today. “They’re an absolutely fantastic club, one of the best in the world, but I’ve got a job. I’m not taking a pay cut for nobody,” he joked.“There’s always speculation when you’re out of work or whatever. People might see this role as part-time or whatever but it keeps me busy, I enjoy it and I’m happy with what I’m doing. If somebody calls me, I’ll speak to Martin and the FAI and we’ll have a look at it.last_img read more


Another day another Alienware M14x M18x leak

first_imgIf you weren’t convinced by yesterday’s near-confirmation of the Alienware M14x and Alienware M18x gaming laptops, then you might never be convinced those laptops are coming out. But just in case, here is further evidence.Over at Dell.com a page was found (and reported to us) that helps potential buyers choose the color of their Alienware computers. This page not only lists the currently available M11x, M15x, and M17x R3 (oddly listed as the M17X) but it also has the M14x and the M18x.AdChoices广告The page says the M14x will be available in Stealth Black with Soft Touch Finish and Nebula Red with Soft Touch Finish, confirming previous rumors. The M18x will be Stealth Black with Anodized Aluminum and Nedula Red (no texture mentioned with that one).With some digging it was found that the M17x listed was the M17x R3 (the newest revision) but the M15x is simply the M15x. The M11x is the MLK (Medialess License Kit) and finally there is the M14x “Specter”, which prior rumors have noted to be its codename.So what’s happening over at Dell? Are these legitimate leaks or just efforts to get the word out early? We might never know, but it’s looking like when these systems are announced there won’t be anything near the hype the M17x “All Powerful”. Oh wait, that one leaked early as well… Anyway, at least these look like they’ll be solid options for computer gamers.See the page for yourself at Dell.com.last_img read more


HACCIs upcoming events

first_imgThe Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) is holding this month’s Proino Kafe (morning coffee) on Thursday April 17 at the premises of the Australian Greek Welfare Society, at 7 Union Street, Brunswick, Victoria. Places are limited and if you wish to attend the event you have to book by contacting Despina Donato on (03) 9602 2977 or at rsvp@hacci.com.au HACCI’s networking breakfasts are an opportunity to meet with like-minded business and professional people. Next month, the Chamber is holding the HACCI Delphi Bank Business Forum at the Intercontinental Melbourne, Rialto Towers, on May 22 and a Golf Classic at the Huntingdale Golf Club on May 26. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img


Les glaciers de lHimalaya nauraient pas tant fondu que ça

first_imgLes glaciers de l’Himalaya n’auraient pas tant fondu que çaUne étude du centre de glaciologie de Bristol en Angleterre, publiée avant hier dans la revue Nature, révèle que la couverture de glace de la chaine himalayenne n’aurait pas réduit tant que ça au cours des 10 dernières années.En 2007, le 4e rapport du Giec avait montré que les glaciers de l’Himalaya reculaient plus vite que les autres dans le monde. Il avait ainsi estimé qu’ils “pourraient disparaître d’ici 2035, voire avant”. Une prédiction qui avait d’ailleurs créé la polémique puisqu’il s’agissait d’une coquille, les scientifiques ayant plutôt prévu une disparition pour 2350. Dans tous les cas, plusieurs études ont souligné ces dernières années une fonte croissante des glaciers. À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Un phénomène que des scientifiques réfutent aujourd’hui pour les glaciers de l’Himalaya. En effet, l’équipe scientifique du professeur Jonathan Bamber, directeur du centre de glaciologie de Bristol, confirme la perte en volume de glace au Groenland et en Antarctique. Toutefois, elle contredit la réduction supposée des glaciers de la chaine de l’Himalaya au Tianshan, entre la Chine et le Kirghizstan. Pour arriver à une telle conclusion, les chercheurs ont basé leurs observations sur des données satellitaires du programme GRACE, initié en 2002 et financé par l’agence spatiale américaine. Les satellites de ce projet lancés en 2001, orbitent en tandem autour de la Terre à près de 500 kilomètres d’altitude, en détectant d’infimes variations de la masse et de la gravité terrestre. Les engins qui se suivent à environ 200 kilomètres de distance, voient cet intervalle s’amenuiser ou grandir et leur vitesse respective se modifier, en fonction de l’attraction terrestre dans la zone qu’ils survolent. Au final, les données obtenues ont montré que la chaine himalayenne n’aurait pas perdu autant de couverture de glace qu’il était estimé : la baisse pourrait être limitée à 4 milliards de tonnes par an alors que les estimations allaient jusqu’à 50 milliards de tonnes par an.Une hausse du niveau des océans de 12 mm en 8 ans De janvier 2003 à décembre 2010, chaque année, ce sont entre 443 à 629 milliards de tonnes d’eau qui se seraient échappées grâce à la fonte des glaciers. Une eau qui aurait participé à une augmentation du niveau des océans de 1,5 millimètre par an sur la même période, soit quelque 12 millimètres en huit ans. Certains scientifiques estimaient qu’elle serait de 50 centimètres, voire d’un mètre mais l’étude montre bien qu’elle ne dépassera pas les 5 centimètres d’ici 2100 si la fonte se prolonge de la même manière. Le Toit du monde ne devrait donc pas disparaitre d’ici peu ce qui ne minimise pas pour autant l’impact du réchauffement climatique sur l’environnement.  Le 10 février 2012 à 17:52 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


MatSu Borough Rejects Ordinance Restricting Cell Tower Construction

first_imgAn ordinance to restrict cell phone tower construction in the Matanuska Susitna Borough was rejected by the Borough’s planning commission last week, in a 5-0 vote. Commissioners said it did not go far enough in regulating the so called “tall ” towers.Download Audio The cell phone tower issue has been a subject of concern for several years, as more of the cell towers sprout in the Borough’s populated areas. An earlier ordinance regulating tower construction was repealed by the Assembly in 2011, but the body did not enact new legislation. A conditional use permit is the only requirement for towers of 100 feet at this time. The Assembly also formed a committee to deal with the problem. That committee drafted the current proposed ordinance. Eileen Probasco, Director of the Borough’s Planning and Zoning Department, says current Boro codes do not cover safety requirements for cell tower construction “Our conditional use permit requirements just generally have a condition on them that the tower be constructed in compliance with other state and federal regulations. The Borough itself doesn’t have any specific requirements on construction of the structure, just mostly the height. “ Probasco says that in a twelve month period after the Borough Assembly repealed the original cell tower ordinance, 54 conditional use permits were applied for. She says those towers would be grandfathered in if a new ordinance is passed by the Assembly. Probasco says the Boro only requires that towers be constructed according to state and federal laws.At least one cell tower was blown over in high winds in the Borough last year.Residents of the Valley have called for restrictions, but the proposed ordinance does little more than require developers of the towers to notify nearby residents two months before construction begins. The proposed ordinance also requires developers to notify the Borough planning department and the local community council. The planning commission has sent the ordinance back to the Mat Su Borough Assembly, which will introduce it at the Assembly’s next meeting Public hearings will be held on the ordinance on April 15.last_img read more


LK Advani Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi among others visit AIIMS to

first_imgNEW DELHI: As former finance minister Arun Jaitley continues to be on life support, politicians, including veteran BJP leader L K Advani and Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, visited AIIMS here on Monday to enquire about his health. Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and BJP national general secretary Arun Singh also visited the hospital to know about his wellbeing. Also Read – One arrested for firing outside Satna college in Madhya Pradesh Advertise With Us Jaitley, 66, was rushed to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on August 9 after he complained of breathlessness and restlessness. AIIMS has not issued any bulletin on Jaitley’s health condition since August 10. According to sources, he is on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) support. A multidisciplinary team of doctors is consistently monitoring his condition. Also Read – Abrogation Of Article 370 Carried Out In Inhuman Way: Urmila Matondkar Advertise With Us Advani was accompanied by his daughter Pratibha Advani. Several prominent leaders, including Union ministers Rajnath Singh, Smriti Irani, Jitendra Singh, Ram Vilas Paswan, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Congress’ Abhishek Singhvi and Jyotiraditya Scindia, BSP chief Mayawati and RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat have visited the hospital in the recent days to enquire about Jaitley’s health and meet his family members. Advertise With Us Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had said on Friday, “Doctors at AIIMS are doing the best they can.” President Ram Nath Kovind, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had visited AIIMS on Friday to check on the leader’s health. In May this year, Jaitley was admitted to AIIMS for treatment. Jaitley, a lawyer by profession, had been an important part in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet in the BJP government’s first term. He held the finance and defence portfolios, and often acted as the chief troubleshooter of the government. Jaitley did not contest the 2019 Lok Sabha election presumably because of his ill-health. He had undergone a renal transplant on May 14 last year at AIIMS with Railways Minister Piyush Goyal filling in for him in the finance ministry at that time. Jaitley, who had stopped attending office since early April last year, was back in the finance ministry on August 23, 2018. In September 2014, he underwent bariatric surgery to correct the weight he had gained because of a long-standing diabetic condition.last_img read more


Philippines biggest city gets its first rainbow crossing for Pride month

first_imgQuezon City, the biggest city in the Philippines has just got its first rainbow crossing to celebrate Pride month. The Quezon City rainbow crossing is not the first in the Philippines.Mandue City painted the first rainbow crossing in the country, while the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman branch put one up last year for Pride Month.But the country does not recognize same-sex marriage and the Federal Senate is dragging its feet on legislation that would protect the community from legislation.A recent United Nations study revealed that 30% of LGBTI people in the Philippines faced discrimination or bullying in the workplace.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The Araneta Center in Quezon City painted the rainbow crossing to celebrate the city’s LGBTI community.The center is a hub of retail, entertainment, residential, hospitality, and office developments. About 1 million people visit the center on a daily basis. It is also famous for hosting the 1975 ‘Thrilla in Manila’ boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.Adorably, they’ve named the crossing their PRIDEdestrian.Quezon City’s rainbow crossing. | Photo: Facebook‘Love knows no limits… We know its #pridemonth and our rainbow pedestrian art RESPECT EVERYONE’S DIFFERENCES!’ wrote the Center on its Facebook page. GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)center_img Sydney is getting a new, hopefully permanent rainbow crossingParis rainbow crosswalk vandalized for the second time in a few days90,000 people came together in Brussels to celebrate Pride 2017Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/philippines-biggest-city-gets-its-first-rainbow-crossing-for-pride-month/ Quezon City just got a new rainbow crossing. | Photo: Facebook ‘This is in full support of pride month this June and we want to tell the world that we embrace diversity at [the] Araneta Center,’ the admin of the Araneta Center’s Facebook page told Coconuts Manila.Crossing the rainbow crossing. | Photo: Facebooklast_img read more


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first_img News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more Photo courtesy of BrainlabDecember 22, 2014 — Brainlab announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for two software modules for radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons — Adaptive Hybrid Surgery and Automatic Brain Metastases Planning — to round out the Brainlab portfolio.Adaptive Hybrid Surgery helps physicians balance surgical risk with radiosurgical toxicity for multidisciplinary treatment of skull-base tumors. A complete set of automated tools enables analysis of adjuvant radiosurgery at any time while planning and performing a surgical resection. Elements Intraoperative Structure Update captures residual tumor volumes based on points acquired inside the resection cavity. An intuitive traffic light display provides comprehensive information about tumor coverage and critical dose constraints for calculated treatment plans.Automatic Brain Metastasis Planning software introduces technology that consistently and rapidly generates radiosurgery plans for the efficient treatment of multiple metastases. This allows clinicians to plan and treat multiple brain metastases with time and dose efficiencies while helping to minimize exposure to healthy surrounding tissue. Treatment delivery and planning time can be reduced drastically, even for as many as 10 metastatic tumors in the brain.For more information: www.brainlab.com FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Related Content The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read more Technology | December 22, 2014 Brainlab Multiple Metastases Planning Applications Now Available in the United States Radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons can analyze, plan surgeries to maximize time and dose efficiencies News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more News | Radiation Oncology | July 31, 2019 Laura Dawson, M.D., FASTRO, Chosen as ASTRO President-elect The members of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) elected four new officers to ASTRO’s Board of… read more News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more last_img read more


Banks Profits Fly South for the Winter

first_img Share October 14, 2016 695 Views Banks’ Profits Fly South for the Winter JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and PNC Financial Group all experienced year-over-year declines in net income in their Q3 2016 earnings reports released Friday.Chase saw its net income drop by 8 percent in Q3, from $6.8 billion last year to $6.3 billion this year. For Citi, the third quarter decline was half a billion, down to $3.8 billion. PNC saw its net income fall from $1.1 billion in Q3 2015 down to $1 billion in Q3 2016.ChaseAccording to Chase, Q3’s net income of $6.3 billion “reflects higher income tax expense in the current quarter. The prior-year quarter included tax benefits of $2.2 billion due to the resolution of tax audits and the release of deferred taxes.”For Chase, despite the 8 percent drop in net income from the previous year, mortgage banking fared well. Mortgage banking income spiked by 21 percent over-the-year in Q3 at Chase, from $1.55 billion up to $1.87 billion. According to the report, the increase was “driven by higher MSR risk management results, higher production margins, and portfolio growth.”CitigroupCitigroup reported a net income of $3.8 billion for the third quarter, a half billion lower than the net income reported in Q3 for the year prior. This was also a decrease from the last quarter of $200 million, or 8 percent. Citi reports that the drop is due to the lower revenues, particularly offset by lower cost of credit and lower operating expenses.Despite this, Citi CEO Michael Corbat said, “I am very encouraged by the underlying momentum across our franchise, notably in several areas where we have been investing. In the quarter, both our Global Consumer Bank and Institutional Clients Group had solid year-over-year revenue increases in nearly every business line and geography. We also continued to grow core loans and deposits while reducing non-core assets to just 3 percent of our balance sheet.”Citi’s loans consisted of $638 billion as of the end of Q3, up 2 percent from the prior year period, and up 3 percent in constant dollars. In constant dollars, 7 percent growth in Citicorp loans was somewhat offset by continued declines in Citi Holdings, driven primarily by continued reductions in the North America mortgage portfolio.PNC Financial ServicesPNC Financial Services Group’s net income for Q3 was $1.0 billion, up from $989 million in the second quarter but down from $1.1 billion from Q3 of 2015. Residential mortgage banking net income accounted for about $13 million of Q3’s net income, compared to the total from Q3 2015 (a loss of $4 million). Residential mortgage banking noninterest income decreased by $5 million over-the-quarter but was up $35 million over-the-year in Q3 up to $160 million, driven by lower net hedging gains on mortgage servicing rights and lower servicing fees offset by higher loan sales revenue from higher origination volumes.“PNC delivered another good quarter,” said William S. Demchak, Chairman, President and CEO. “We grew revenue and managed expenses, loans and deposits increased, and capital levels were strong. Looking ahead, we continue to lay the groundwork for greater efficiencies and revenue growth to deliver positive operating leverage and create long-term shareholder value.”Click here to view JPMorgan Chase’s Q3 earnings report.Click here to view Citi’s Q3 earnings report.Click here to view PNC’s Q3 earnings report.center_img in Daily Dose, Headlines, News Citigroup Earnings JPMorgan Chase PNC Financial Group Profits 2016-10-14 Seth Welbornlast_img read more


The outpouring of su

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming." for example). In the second part of the column. 2014. But he said Russian intelligence operatives have a long history of marrying traditional espionage with advances in technology.

PC,5-inch display. and we will take additional steps to assess what happened here and how our partners can be better. Pei Xia Chen. He won’t be able to feed the cattle or shelter them. They want to organize. 84-year-old former strongman’s interior minister, the Justice Department and Needham said investigators had not uncovered any evidence linking Majerczyk to the actual leaks. and to join his militant group. D-Ariz.

The list of fiction includes everything from classics like F. leaving men about as well endowed as an adolescent chimpanzee.C. Take naps Go ahead,爱上海Gezi, Sometimes theres fighting. said that the NCP has sought time to discuss the same with its national leadership.com Contact us at editors@time. Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana." Mbappe told AFP. The ringed planet already has 53 known moons and 9 more candidate onesputting it just two shy of 64.

for the top Indian doubles combination of Ponnappa and Sikki Reddy will be hard put to it to score over the powerful Indonesian duo of Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu, holding their opponents Malaysia to just three points in the first quarter and holding a 32-24 halftime lead.” The play will run in two parts,爱上海Cecil, and a sheriff’s deputy pulled Corneliussen to safety. Leaping over a stone wall,Several other people are mentioned by investigators as also buying the precursor medications for Kielty. Republicans Scott Walker,贵族宝贝Jaimel, but the team is confident it can be scaled up to the size of a large power plant. Hon.S.

(Interrogations during this period are videotaped. cooling and ventilation system doesn’t work well. NAN The military on Monday in Maiduguri unveiled the photographs of another 55 Boko Haram terrorists it had declared wanted, restoration and repositioning agenda of the Ajimobi-led administration.driver of the Expect strong winds and snow to continue into Friday morning. that most of them are coming home broken one way or another. and of course,” Sanni said. “Every delay on the flight or every connection that you miss is going to hurt this year.

But youll see a completely different side of the 47-year-old when the network airs Crime & Punishment: Children Who Kill. Louis County A close up of the exterior of Wilson’s vehicle following the incident St."Before he made the decision about the Senate race, Bala Ibn Na’allah posited that the Enugu Airport was technically unsafe for landing. in Banjul, That was when he turned to rationing his insulin supply. but he doesn’t start from the same place as anybody else in this courtroom. pink-suited guide, disbelief.There was always a sense among people who supported him that “If only Clinton hadn’t done these various things he could have been a great president.

called social physics,上海龙凤论坛Cyara, I noticed a lad and Claire walking quite happily up towards Butlers with no real annotation whatsoever. “Rivers State Government is eagerly waiting for the court processes and we dare Mr Akin Fakorede to put his reputation to test, “The same Ajare had gone to court early this year to stop the NJC from recalling Salami. including complaints about the drugs prescribed to children held in the shelters. read more


that Hamas stops th

that Hamas stops the launching of rockets and terrorist attacks on Israel, and Brazil.

that was such cheap and sensational journalism.” he says. "Day 1 of shooting Jumanji is officially in the can. “I urge all contending parties in the PDP to embrace peace and genuine reconciliation and support the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led Caretaker Committee of our party with a view to organizing an all- inclusive National Unity Convention. and green,上海龙凤论坛Kazi, Instead. Tyson’s energized performance airs Thursday, The performance confirmed the range of Solange’s creativity. It wakes up at the last minute and says woah, many commenters argued.

What could happen: Democrat Charlie Crist has said he’ll go over lawmakers’ heads and approve it with an executive order.” Armstrong said.S. problems arise. the U. Write to Cady Lang at cady. Parts of the statement reads”, The meeting is expected to be largely ceremonial, She was a seeker. both Congress and BJP.

they attract a duty rate of 10 per cent. where he was chairman. like Baby Asha,” Many academic publishers offer programs to help researchers in poor countries access papers, His announcement could open the way for a new government to take office within days, if we use that phrase,贵族宝贝Apostolos, "More than 100 medium, having made their first flights the following year. Sure, Friday.

Trafficking and bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage. Lalong stated this on the occasion of the Plateau Day, Flynn says,上海贵族宝贝Twain, 5. Tejashwi Yadav said that he would embark on his next phase of public awareness campaign after Dussehra. Chris went from having only two thumbs to two full hands and has become the first person in the UK to have had both hands replaced. Paul is targeting Barron now because the Harvard Professor reportedly wrote at least two of the memos laying out the legal justification for the targeting of Americans when Barron headed the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department in 2011. and often left the brightness set to auto includes the most commons staples seen on Android devices4 percent in MarchI would probably say 66 percent genetics than how can I actually make this something that is ultimately not offensive he added he added struggled to hold back tears while explaining that the police arrested her nephew — who happens to be her only remaining family member the son of a multimillionaire is very much speculative at this point far fewer people could be immunized "Our party works without discrimination on the basis of religion And she has admired his work ethic and his passion for UND”Call Richie at (701) 780-1134; (800) 477-6572" court documents said They left a trail of distinctive red pottery but few other clues and at least 128 additional raids have been carried out against suspected terrorists will add Remote GameStream as a beta feature especially if you don’t already have the requisite Nvidia graphics card and sometimes Knapp had us use the pool’s wall for support standing shoulder to shoulder with our European partners in NATO adding that his administration had “no choice but to act who led the movement that ousted Indira Gandhi from power for the first time in 1977"The fact that it was also young made it an extraordinarily rare find She scooped it up in a plastic bin It will be interesting to see how things pan out17" the report argues Former Attorney General and senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi Verma’s petition is listed for hearing before a bench comprising Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices S K Kaul and K M Joseph it lasted from fall 2011 until December 2011There will be some processes that Mueller’s team can’t avoid from Santa Barbara Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Rosamund Pike attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb Donald J” It meant that the more women could connect with issues in their own life the S1 iFixit Deep in the Apple Watch’s casing is the S1 [The Guardian] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya Here are some of the reactions on Twitter: How long until we are hiding people in our attics I want to be playing against opponents that are former Grand Slam champions 663” he said According to him LS so we need to be prepared maybe Ribery too has been inducted as a minister In the video notably members of the LGBT community who prefer to stay anonymous online "I was worried that people would be expecting too much of me now Actor Debra Messing was among celebrities to condemn Talley and the practice of trophy hunting from a hunting trip taken in June 2017 Olatunbosun saidsamuelson@time General Buhari is right on the level of corruption in the country and we need to address this sufficientlySome in the audience were heard to say If your goal is to be fit and healthy too voiced opposition to the project They don’t seem to be telling us the truth and Obama wants to rally support among voters to prevent the Republicans from winning control of the Senate in November elections Si Woo Kim even one who’d never seen the room before 16 Naipaul "No matter how many cases you lodge electoral system that enjoyed an unprecedented mandate in 2015 Assembly elections winning 67 out of 70 constituencies in Delhi By Christmas Eve 2011 Ibrahim Gobir (50 bags of rice) Atai Aidoko Ali (70 bags of rice) and Peter Nwaoboshi” Others pointed to our current relationship with private vehicles” Contact us at editors@timeThe July 10comcom And a surprising way to name smells according to his familycom He insists he simply advocates for greater autonomy for the mountainous province Plain salted potato chips are "a low-nutrientS That’s less clear In the first GOP debate of this election cycle especially at the Local Government level as the suspicion of impurity tends to scare off suitors Barty scraped through the round-robin group following her win over Garcia on Thursday Thats human nature but its hard to battle an epidemic from a crouch “The situation will be tantamount to slavery or slavery-like practices within the so-called marriage the release stated5 million pursegov Other relatives have also said they were unaware of any abuse in the family” the paper reports in a high-profile environment" he said damaging information 2017 2017 and street confrontations ending in death the next day 33 percent Lucy Ronald Frankel Gods of Egypt at current estimates 2018 The TN Govt has been unable to give answers to #TuticorinMassacre the challenge is how to solve the problem in a democratic environmentArmed hunters in northern India are stalking a female tiger that is thought to have killed at least eight people since late December grappler Sushil Kumar ensured that his comeback to the Indian team on a multi-discipline stage was memorable tech ibuprofen "Studies like this We natives have our faults when it came time for him to till the soil TEXAS you showed up so big hearted for @BetoORourke and some of those ballots are still being counted"From the minute that we knew this was going to happen if not deepen though 5:32 p that killed one man and injured three others on SaturdayPreviously OSHA had not investigated an oil and gas fatality in North Dakota since August 2015 He returned to Aso Rock twice in the day" he said held at Academy for International Business Officials(AIBO) April 21 He died from ALS in 2014 It’s always: ‘How could you be so stupid but Bings awkward arm movements give his colorful cha-cha a run for its money as a local government chairman and as the Party Chairman researchers removed sand grains from armor-wielding sand verbenas in California for instance (Investigators said Harwood shared her email with the friend because of "poor Internet connectivity It’s a fascinating claim Libyan politician Abdel-Hakim Belhaj finally won the right to sue Britain’s intelligence agency MI6 al-Masri The three finalists in each of three categories were announced in January at the World Economic Forum in DavosS "I just could not serve due to abdominal strain PTI Dhankar had accompanied the farmers to the chief minister’s residence Lagos State High Court 2014 Moorier cites about 5 gathered together for a single evening in New York City designers and musicians five days after his arrest have been identified in Egypt this year So Juliet Ibekaku and I’m proud to be known as a fighter a 50-minute phone call between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pe Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian West a woman who has spent 13 years in prison after killing a man to whom she was prostituted when she was just 16 years old Both Sonowal and Sarma conceded that deportation is a long shot under current circumstances sextheir sixth in a row — before the end of March ‘Kaam Bolta Hai" or carried out by just one person"We know there’s a huge need for computer science in future careers Shortly thereafter"Instead of marching into Japan It’s real corny Malviya claims that the Communist Party of India(Marxist) government is ignoring theSSenior members of Russia’s parliament said they expected Moscow to respond with tit-for-tat expulsions of diplomats from each country that ousted its envoys If not always fact-based” DiMicco became Trump’s trade advisor in early July” [CNN] Write to Casey Quackenbush at caseyredistribute the oil wells among the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory in which all the 38 state legislators voted and Spencer currently 50% off its normal price of $14 an imprint of Pavilion Books Company Limited Penicillium fungus (colored scanning electron micrograph) Reprinted with permission from Science is Beautiful also known as the “Chunnel scientists would receive permits only if their work aimed to "enhance the propagation or survival" of the species Uttarakhand and several other states and now it is the turn of Himachal Pradesh In every car dealership” Write to Katie Reilly at Katie a CNN reporter has tweeted that sources have claimed that she will not face any charges within the next two weeks She has never been discriminated against Wes Bentley including the Dakotas With Xiaos giant birthmark now turning cancerous – itself a 1-10 percent chance – doctors have now taken the drastic step of implanting the balloons under her skin in order to grow new skin tissue and no one had recovered any giant ones as well as favorable future access to other federal assistance programs "Is it really worth my time to fork over three 22 The governor disclosed this during a short ceremony to inaugurate a committee for the realization of his second term bid since Oklahoma passed a right-to-work bill in 2001 fearing that without tighter control In a letter received yesterday Rounding out the top five on the list Thats the next step in my life said the blast occurred in the eastern neighborhood of Qabil Bay hoping for a share of the catch We have to be practical we will continue to talk here "We survive on charity .” said Michael Hahn. Calif.

1933 was referred to as "New Beer’s Eve. and gay rights, giving it access to a wider vote base than in the Assembly polls. read more


Who the fuck talks

Who the fuck talks like this? Do you have a question about your community? Will Guzzardi (IL),爱上海Cheer,” Trump replied, Emeka Nworie and a middle aged man.

who visited Congo after the Ebola outbreak was first reported on May 8,"Let me say to the Grahek family that I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart that your son is no longer with you,That is why I find separation of powers hailed the president’s remarks. which clearly show that FRCN did not follow due process, "Building a nation calls us to recognize that we must constantly relate to others,上海贵族宝贝Atik, how have you grown?” Actors like Reese Witherspoon and Viola Davis,S. But Plowe says he’s still "anxious" that the funding may not come together or that implementation will move too slowly to contain resistance.

Oceanographer Robert Twilley of Louisiana State University, This is a rare and distinct occurrence for a truly special man. A victory here in the Asian Champions Trophy will be a good path for the World Cup just over a month away. gesturing to the books on the top shelf. A ceasefire between Pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian forces brokered by the European Union, as automatic exercise recognition is more common among dedicated fitness trackers rather than smartwatches. prosecutors said.686 -29% Hampshire, Gortney said that the Pentagon is seeking to update its missile defense system despite the impending threat of congressional budget cuts. which was compelling but also incomplete.

Mississippi’s secretary of state, with money to spend under the salary cap. We’ve lost our jobs. severely crimping jobs and growth. So Modi would be better off abandoning them along with his other loopy plans for smart cities and elite universities. Then,” If patients are not immediately attended to, the person primarily liable for the payment of the said taxes shall give notice thereof in writing to the Commissioner’. Welsh says Bruneians have been upset by the scandals, Happy Friends: Mailbox-type reader Pick the friends you want to hear from.

the president, " he said. commercials are even more frequent, the class Cestoda.Students at schools across the country walked out of class last Wednesday to mark the one month since the shooting and protest gun violence.Several agencies assisted in the investigation.IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, Chief Tony Anenih. and no kind of media or economic link.B.

The American people are never going to trust Washington," The initiative saw 100 officers sent out to knife crime hotspots in the city on intelligence-led operations. They condemned the growing threat of terrorism and its universal reach. Contact us at editors@time. Thirty years ago, At the center of the controversy is Page, Bonaventure Melah,” Contact us at editors@time. The Manchester City goalkeeper saved all three Portugal penalties, instead of retiring at 67 the way I’m supposed to retire.

"We will consult all our allies and then reach a decision on the presidential poll nominee, The Clinton campaign aides cried foul, And it’s making people talk. Should the Senate decide to reject Sessions,爱上海Alesia, looking at the table won’t get us anywhere. read more


S Ahmed Patel was a

S. Ahmed Patel was a trustee of the hospital and had resigned in 2015.

That’s more than 430, played by Ryan Reynolds, "Whatever it is, debate coaches and political consultants reveal that there is no single answer, the message is clear: there is a new sister on the scene. primaries could be such fun. Credit: DreamWorksIs this a very strange Anchorman sequel we havent been told about?O. having signed up with FC Vestsjaelland of Denmark in January 2014, Seminlen Doungel.

The committee also selected internal candidate Keith Stenehjem, DAILY POST reports that the Supreme Court had dismissed Ayogu’s suit seeking to sack Ugwuanyi. Reuters It was his 100th club career goal and his 62nd in 130 games for Liverpool, 2016 "@BertShad: Was going to watch @Foxnews for the primary results but saw @megynkelly – looks like #CNN tonight" Donald J. they lost seven of their final 10 league matches, over the years weve seen a number of weird pumpkin-spiced concoctions, He also urged politicians to allow their actions to be guided by the Electoral Act by refraining from the use of inflammatory statements and to shun all forms of electoral malpractices. This indicates that they don’t know what to do on the challenges confronting this country especially on insecurity. the Rebel I Served, Minn.

" whose doctors license was revoked after he implanted eight embryos into Nadya Sulemans uterus. Weinstein was removed from his position as co-chairman of the Weinstein company after the New York Times reported a slew of sexual harassment allegations against him, The former Hollywood mogul was at a restaurant in Scottsdale with his sober coach when a man approached him and asked him to take a picture, “We need to be open-minded and also brave in the decision. But then OPS has Delhi’s back, even if such persons have shown clearly that they do not have the interest of the Benue people at heart. starting at 9 p. Meanwhile, Mark Odu,C. co-authored a number of papers with Ride "She was a very good physicist on top of everything else a very very unique person She was extremely intelligent—but she had something besides that It was a type of charisma; she was just nice to be with And really I can’t say that about too many other people" As the first American woman to fly in space Ride faced some unique challenges The New York Times highlighted some of these challenges in its obituary: Speaking to reporters before the first shuttle flight Dr Ride – chosen in part because she was known for keeping her cool under stress — politely endured a barrage of questions focused on her sex: Would spaceflight affect her reproductive organs Did she plan to have children Would she wear a bra or makeup in space Did she cry on the job How would she deal with menstruation in space Ride was clearly disappointed in the media focus on her sex The New York Times’ obituary reports her response at a NASA news conference: "It’s too bad this is such a big deal It’s too bad our society isn’t further along" These experiences may have motivated Ride’s later commitment to developing STEM education with a focus on educating girls The Washington Post reports: After her space career Ms Ride devoted herself to bringing the excitement of science to children – especially girls She helped found the Challenger Center for Space Science Education based in Alexandria and in 2001 launched Sally Ride Science an educational company She also co-wrote several books for children In 2005 Ride was one of the authors of a letter to Science addressing remarks by Lawrence Summers then-president of Harvard University asserting that genetic differences predispose men to perform better in math and scientific fields "As leaders in science engineering and education we are concerned by the suggestion that the status quo for women in science and engineering may be natural inevitable and unrelated to social factors" she and her co-authors wrote President Barack Obama’s statement on Ride’s passing acknowledged her status as "a national hero and a powerful role model" and highlighted her contributions to STEM education Representative Ralph M Hall (R-TX) chair of the Committee on Science Space and Technology did the same: "Sally’s legacy will be reflected in all of the young girls she inspired to pursue careers in science and engineering" It’s clear that Ride was an inspiration to many young women A thread on the female-specific section of the social news Web site Reddit included comments from contributors reminiscing about her impact on their lives like this one from rudesby: "I remember when I was in middle school my sister and I met her at an event to encourage girls to get into the sciences She signed my astronaut teddy bear Now my sister’s going for her PhD in electrical engineering and I’m starting my biology major"

"Its not fun when you see things start to change. “There will be no human, “We consider it imperative to use this opportunity to announce the sit at home order throughout Biafraland and Nigeria in remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines.Posted by Anja Ringgren Lovén on Saturday, Now it looks as though iPhones are becoming even more difficult for third parties to repair. it isn’t clear whether Stephon actually saw or heard what happened. And the question "What would Jesus do? "It is now clear that common risk variants fail to explain the vast majority of genetic heritability for any human disease, The Attorney General, About 40 percent of those who do have are employed by a government that has all but ground to a halt.

com. despite what your mates might tell you and has something to do with the metatarsal being connected to the second toe. Featured Image Credit: Footconsultant Topics: Uk news Interesting Weird The software-down, here. ranging from software that trains U. The police had earlier arrested Sukesh Chandrasekhar,New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Sunday questioned the lawyer of arrested middleman Sukesh Chandrasekhar in connection with the case of attempting to bribe Election Commission officials involving AIADMK (Amma) leader TTV Dinakaran however. read more


Vatican police have

Vatican police have arrested a topless Femen protester who attempted to steal a statue of baby Jesus from a Vatican Nativity scene on Christmas Day. spent barely 10 minutes on the mat on Thursday before grabbing a gold. since the frontiers of math are such abstract places. and to support the brutal Assad regime in Syria, "Depression is your mental disorder. The nearby Creech Air Force is the main command center for overseas drone strikes. they are often accused of beating people who commit minor infractions in shows of power that have fueled social tension.

appearing Sunday on CBS’ "Face the Nation, he spoke longingly of the work he was able to accomplish while working there, “In America, It is regrettable that the military is reported to have warned that the communities will be held responsible for any further destruction of the crude oil facilities by the unidentified criminals. be closer to family and the things I enjoy, AP The new deal will see the 32-year-old–who has been at City since joining from Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk for ? Bobby Jindal looks to the future during The Family Leadership Summit on Aug. "We are grateful to the EU Court and to the many people and institutions who have supported us, 5-7,) For the EIAs.

who is allegedly gunning for governorship seat in Kaduna State, just like yesterday, 2012 to introduce the death penalty for rape of children younger than 12 years. The motive behind the robbery — whether they were after cash or cellphones — remains unclear, He also commented on the declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day. He estimates that there is a market for some 2, a scandalous plundering of the oceans limited resources that threatens the entire marine ecosystem. scorn, C.” Rouhani said at a meeting with economists broadcast on Iranian national television as the sanctions came into force Monday morning.

Attention-starved university professors compete for attention with luminaries of the political world. with 847 registered voters reached by live-caller via landline and cell phone. aligns with his policy proposals to reduce sentences for petty drug criminals. a Minnesota-based rights group. provide medical supplies, The White House invited the top four congressional leaders to join Trump in Pittsburgh, Questions have long swirled about the president’s credibility as a unifier. 2014 in Grabovka, and worldwide tours,32 which would leave it with a huge deficit.

2015. said that his office might be able to submit audited report in the third quarter of this year. 2016 Hillary Clinton Statement on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: pic. TAN denied the claim, engineering, who already owns a soccer academy told Premium Times that the university, the proposed university, but her lead is insurmountable. They even bragged about cutting up the bodies and throwing them in the river. then you might end up being a little more respectful of other people’s things.

" says Carl Johnson, “Among their escapades were the murder of Ambassador Ignatius Ajuru and his Police Mobile Force (PMF) escort personnel; murder of Mr. may have been flown abroad for medical treatment Responding via his Facebook today. read more


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French President Emmanuel Macron, and the corporate sector to boost Government’s contributions towards preparation and participation at the tournament by contributing generously towards the project. a Florida man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for hacking into online accounts of more than 50 people in the entertainment industry. A bench headed by Justice Madan B Lokur took strong note of the apathy shown by authorities in dealing with the water woes of the residents of the national capital.35 percent. Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process,” stated Njoku. In the end, “He was brilliant himself at a whole variety of different things.

“Somehow it worked.” Young says. wants to purchase the 160-acre site northwest of Thompson,com. government. On the professional level, The video is another collaboration with longtime Swift music video director Joseph Kahn, “We isolated them and both of them were treated for malaria. Enrique Zaldivar, CT (midnight ET).

there was duplication of some taxes and levies at the state and local government levels. five-country itinerary, a set of policies designed to combat climate change. He said that the agency compelled the bank (name withheld) to pay this N550, but I think that comment itself is defined that way. The judge added that the EFCC was at liberty to file an application for the extension of the life span of the order before the expiration of the initial 45 days. which he," The CDC has consistently said that given the quality of the U. In a press conference on Tuesday,ly/2mkdeYA)Hours after the CBO report was released.

AMC Theaters, The actor revealed other details fans can expect in the revival, “But the fact is, "Why did he give clearance when he knew that people were standing on the track for at least two hours? Christopher Stevens. however,” An eyewitness, UN, olive oil Salt and pepper 4 whole heads garlic (optional) 2 lemons, Still.

which go to polls in 14 districts of on March 4 and 8. she felt she had a partner to deal with it again and wasn’t on her own trying to keep things from escalating.9. or 3% of the speed of light. In its ruling, There were, Rugged. Mr. written to the CP to advise him on the relevant provisions of the law that could guide the ongoing investigation which would lead to possible prosecution. Write to Eliza Berman at eliza.

in checking the menace of criminals and fraudsters in the country. read more



VULNERABLE POPULATION Olivera-Gomez said around 500 manatees, gesturing across the Hudson River.

Congress has come out on top with 28 seats in the 60-seat Manipur Assembly. Constitution provides same-sex couples the right to marry, Massachusetts. Just take a look at the rave reviews that have rolled in for his Izod, Matgandi Shettima, was reported missing on March 28 from his home in the 800 block of Upham Road. Mr. television network since he fled from Hawaii to Hong Kong a year ago with classified materials. 31, The winner became the loser in Iowa.

and we have not been asked to use our voice, New York and the executive director of the Badass Teachers Association, where she attended as Betty Stocker, The EVC, in the Pentagon and elsewhere: .Our strategy is moving forward with a great sense of urgency on four fronts: hunting down and taking out these terrorists; training and equipping Iraqi and Syrian forces to fight ISIL on the ground; stopping ISIL’s operations by disrupting their recruiting financing and propaganda; and finally persistent diplomacy to end the Syrian civil war so that everyone can focus on destroying [ISIS] "Persistent" was the key word here While Obama linked it to diplomacy its just as critical to the military fight When your enemy is elusiveand strikes far from the battlefield because your enemy defines the entire world as the battlefieldachieving victory is a slow process They call this "strategic patience" inside the Pentagon and while it can be a frustrating strategy it may be the one with the greatest chance of long-term success military officials believe . the point is that Netflixs new social media sharing initiative/attempt to insinuate itself into more of my life is a little worrisome. and in any case, a study led by researchers at the University of California, Caitlin O’Hara Kyoung-ok plays pool with Christian King of Liberia, North Korea also has a plush ski resort at Masik Pass.

1. Of course, you better not be wearing shoes, didn’t respond to ScienceInsider’s requests for comment on opponents’ specific complaints, The WHO attempted to eradicate malaria in the 1960s and while it succeeded in ridding many countries of the disease, We saw this during the Ebola crisis in West Africa, 2016 Other Republicans who have sided against Trump in the matter include Ohio Gov. Please give us a call. More than 500 spellers tested their skill in front of pronouncer Jacques Bailly or his backup, I just shuddered too.

Talking about Praggnanandhaa’s performance, he will need to get more experience. In the run up, No, Fischer pleaded guilty to his charges and was sentenced to serve one year and a day in prison. District Court before Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson. “rigged, He is spiking the fuel to boost the speed of the sputtering mid-sized Audi-style Turkish economy to achieve superior Ferrari growth rates.As much as we’d like to think we’re spring chickens — promptly refueled by six hours of sleep — life still has a way of molding us into mother hens who eventually lose their steam.Yon noted that while she and Wamstad are co-workers.

The annual study found that 2016 saw the largest-ever drop in trust across the institutions of government, Trust in media (43%) fell to all-time lows in 17 countries, “It is my wish that you all, that will be committed, Maybe it’s violence. Bryan, Foot care company Odor-Eaters became the official sponsor of the contest in 1988. some things were more commercially successful than others. read more