Canada envoy to US embarrassed by delays in Parliament over preclearance bill

first_imgOTTAWA – Canada’s envoy to the United States says he is embarrassed it is taking so long for Parliament to pass a new law that would pave the way for greater preclearance at the border.U.S. Ambassador David MacNaughton said Wednesday he leaned on American lawmakers to pass a law that would allow passengers to be precleared at a greater number of airports to allow the speedy flow of people across the 49th parallel.But Canada’s version of the bill has been before the House of Commons public safety committee for several months.MacNaughton told the Senate foreign affairs and trade committee that he regularly gets asked by Americans where the accompanying Canadian legislation is, and he’s embarrassed to say it is not ready.MacNaughton said he exerted renewed pressure on MPs this week in Ottawa.“Please hurry it up, because I’m a bit embarrassed. I leaned on the Americans so heavily and now they’re coming back and saying, ‘Where’s yours?’” MacNaughton said of his conversations.Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos, who raised the issue, said the Senate would do its job more quickly.“I know the legislation is coming slowly from the House,” said Housakos.MacNaughton contrasted that with how he persuaded American legislators to move speedily.“We had a full court press on the U.S. before their recess at Christmas time, and it actually passed unanimously,” the envoy said.“So they’re waiting for us.”Housakos replied: “Well, if you can get it sent to the (Senate committee), we’ll be happy to do the same thing.”At the moment, passengers flying to American cities through eight major Canadian airports can be precleared there by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.That program is to be expanded to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport and for rail service in Montreal and Vancouver. In March, the two countries agreed to expand it to other, unspecified locations.Some 400,000 travellers cross the Canada-U.S. border each day, and the preclearance plan is designed to speed that up and make it easier.The House of Commons public safety committee has for months been studying the proposed legislation that would expand preclearance operations.Under the bill, U.S. searches at preclearance facilities would be governed by Canadian law, including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.But the committee has heard concerns about the impact of the new program on privacy rights.In a recent letter to the committee, privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien warned the recent pronouncements from the Trump administration could mean intrusive searches, including at preclearance facilities in Canada.The concerns arose after the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this spring that visitors to the U.S. could be forced to provide cellphone contacts and social-media passwords.“It would appear that Canadians who wish to enter the U.S. will, at preclearance locations in Canada as well as at border points in the U.S., have to face the difficult choice of either accepting a search without grounds or foregoing their wish to travel to the U.S.,” said Therrien’s letter.The government has said preclearance would strengthen security and prosperity while ensuring respect for the sovereignty of both countries.As for the upcoming renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, MacNaughton said speedy talks to modernize the agreement remain a possibility, but it is too soon to say whether that will happen.He said the true picture of “how complex” the Americans want the negotiations to be will only emerge after their current 90-day consultation period ends in August.“We’ll see how much they want to put on the table, and how long those negotiations might take.”last_img read more


Celebrities Back Poppy Appeal

first_imgCelebrity support for The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal has been stronger than ever this year, with poppies pinned to the lapels of everyone from news broadcasters to show stoppers on the dance floor.Since the Poppy Appeal launched, a host of celebrities have donned poppies in support of British Armed Forces including: Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch, Helen Skelton on Blue Peter, Kate Garraway on Daybreak and Lorraine, Ruth Langsford on This Morning, and Fearne Cotton at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards.Other stars adorned with poppy bling included Emma Bunting and Only Way is Essex stars Joey Essex and Lucy Mecklenburgh, who were seen supporting the Legion by wearing special Kleshna poppy brooches at the Pride of Britain Awards.The Legion is also grateful for the on-going support from poppy-wearing celebrities such as Dame Helen Mirren, The Saturdays, Kelly Brook, Girls Aloud, Jerry Hall and Olympians including Victoria Pendleton and Heather Stanning.To get your poppy or poppy products to support the armed forces, click here.Source:Royal British Legionlast_img read more


AI calls for witness protection

“They also attempt to stop their own citizens from communicating with the UN and other international bodies about serious violations they have witnessed,” the London based human rights group said. Amnesty International also called for the release all individuals who have been arrested under emergency or anti-terrorism laws, unless they are charged with recognizable criminal offences.It also said that the government must guarantee that all persons arrested have access to counsel from the time of arrest, that lawyers can confer with their clients in private and be present during interrogation, establish a registry of all detainees, with details of when and where they were arrested and where they have been held; and make it available to relatives, lawyers, judges and others with a legitimate interest, make public the report of the 2006 Commission of Inquiry on 16 “serious violations of human rights,” that includes the findings of investigations into the killing of five students in Trincomalee and the 17 ACF aid workers, and, as recommended by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in February 2013 accept international assistance to resolve outstanding cases. (Colombo Gazette) Amnesty International (AI) today urged the government to enact an effective Witness Protection Bill.The human rights group noted that four years have passed since the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka. However it said Sri Lankan authorities continue to deny mounting evidence of crimes under international law committed by its forces during the protracted armed conflict. Amnesty International called on the government to “tell the truth” on arbitrary detention and torture.It said that before the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in November this year, the government should also repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act, and abolish the system of administrative detention in Sri Lanka. read more


Sri Lankas highest foreign debt repayment due in 2019

Total amount  paid in 2014 – US$ 1,442 million According to Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, Sri Lanka is embroiled in a gigantic debt trap. The main reason is that the loans obtained by the previous regime for infrastructure development has not brought any returns on its investments. Further the national revenue and the export earnings constantly came down since 2011 up to year 2014. Developed countries use their own resources to build mega size infrastructure facilities such as ports and airports. Developing countries tent invite foreign investors  to build such huge projects instead as their economies cannot afford  the high cost of large scale projects. Alternatively,  foreign investors are invited to construct such infrastructure under Build, Operate and Transfer  basis or Build, Own and  Operate  called BOO/BOT basis as  in such an instance the  developing countries need not bear the burden of  debt repayment . The previous Government had obtained US$1,303 million for the Hambantota Port and the first phase of the credit of Rs.340 million was released on a 6% interest. In addition, 6% insurance premium should also be paid for the loan. Another US$ 4.5 billion had been obtained through International Sovereign Bond during the period between 2010 and 2014.  This sovereign bond should be repaid in full as one billion dollar per annum from its maturity in 2019. However, the repayment of all these project loans and bonds began after 2014.Although the country or its people receive no dividends from these Port and Air Port projects built on foreign loans by the previous regime, the current Government has been compelled to repay installments and interest for such loans with effect from 2015 though they do run at a loss.Accordingly, Sri Lanka is compelled to make the repayment on foreign loans as follows: Total amount  paid in 2015 – US$ 2,031 millionTotal amount  paid in 2016 – US$ 1,828 millionTotal amount should be paid in 2017 – US$ 2,417 million Sri Lanka also in the past eveloped telecommunication system in the island on BOO/BOT basis. While it enables investors to regain dividends for the investment during a given time and, simultaneously, it does not make developing countries to pass the burden of investment on its poor citizens.Before launching mega projects of Ports, Airports and Express ways, there were unsolicited proposals to build Hambantota Port, Mattala Airport and southern express ways which could be easily carried out on  BOO/BOT basis during the previous regime. But, unfortunately, the former regime opted to borrow  unprecedentedly to build them. Consequently, Hambantota Port and Mattala Airport became loss making entities while leaving the country and people in an unbearable debt trap. The total debt stock of Sri Lanka has gone up by 233% to Rs.7, 391 billion during the period from 2005 to 2014. The total debt burden of Sri Lanka in 2005 was Rs.2, 222 billion and, within 5 years, it increased up to Rs.4, 590 billion in 2010. In addition there is another Rs 2,000 billion debt obtained by the Public owned Enterprises directly off the balance sheet.Accordingly, the debt servicing (loan installments and the interest) to be paid by Sri Lanka to foreign financiers is also increasing constantly. The debt servicing of US$ 1,828 million paid in 2016 will be increased by more than double to US$3,992 million being the highest debt repayment to be paid by Sri Lanka in a year due to colossal borrowings by the previous Government. This could be considered as the highest sum of debt servicing  to be repaid by Independent Sri Lanka within a year. Total amount should be paid in 2018 – US$ 2,564 millionTotal amount should be paid in 2019 – US$ 3,992 millionTotal amount should be paid in 2020 – US$ 3,463 million.This debt repayment covers only the project loans and the International sovereign bond. The liability on the loan obtained from the IMF and the investment by foreigners on the treasury bills and treasury bonds is to be paid separately.Its unfortunate that the previous government did not have any strategy to turn such giant loss making entities  in to profit making ventures. Therefore, the current Government has made arrangements to convert these credits in to equity  under the Public Private Partnership concept thereby relieving the people from the debt burden. While the Government is taking untiring efforts to convert these white elephants into profit making institutions, and generate income and employment for the youth in the country, an opposition group is engaged in sabotaging such efforts charging that the Government is attempting to sell off national resources to foreigners. It is high time people thought rationally in response to such misleading remarks made by these rival groups.At the same time, people should ask the opposition who make an abortive attempt to jeopardize the well being of the people to show some avenues to generate income for the country to repay the massive loans accumulated by 2019 which were obtained by the previous Government.Meanwhile, Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said the current government is engaged in a mission to bring investment to the country thereby generating employment and income to the country. He said that will save the country from the existing foreign debt burden. Therefore, Minister Karunanayake said that for no reason, opportunists will be allowed to sabotage the ongoing development operation by the current Government. (Colombo Gazette) read more


Bus removed from Ottawa crash scene

00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 As day two of the investigation into the deadly bus crash in Ottawa wraps up, we have more information about the six victims, ranging in age from 21 to 54.Mia Gordon has the details.The bus has since been moved from the scene and the Via Rail tracks with train service from Ottawa to Toronto should be re-opening Friday morning. But on this day, the city of Ottawa was remembering those who lost their lives in this tragic accident.The 6 passengers who lost their lives are being mourned throughout Ottawa Thursday. Two of the victims, 21 year old Connor Boyd and Kyle Nash, were both students at Carleton University. The University’s President Roseann O’reilly Runte released the statement saying: “In times of loss, our Carleton community rallies to support one and another, to provide comfort and aid. The loss of such young people, who were in the prime of their lives, will touch us in many ways.”The other victims include:54 year old Michael Bleakney — an engineer with Public Works and Government Services Canada. His family describes him as the best father and husband.53 year old Karen Kryzewski, a mother of two, who worked at library and archives Canada. She loved art and making gifts.35 year old Rob More,and 45 year old Dave Woodard, the driver of the bus and father of three.All of the victims lived in Ottawa and, as the investigation continues, the focus turns to Woodard, a 10-year veteran at OC Transpo. Woodard’s wife, Terry posted this statement on Facebook:“Today I lost my HUSBAND the love of my LIFE my best friend the father of my daughter and a great step DAD to the boys…I don’t know what to say…I want him back so much…MISS you BABY…be always in my prayers in my mind, but most of all in my heart….life is not the same without you here…”She says her husband was an amazing driver, and says something must have gone wrong to cause the accident. Now it’s up to investigators with the Transportation Safety Board to figure out why the bus crashed through a safety barrier and slammed into a Via Rail train Wednesday.Rob Johnston, TSB Lead Investigator commented: “Particularly for crossing accidents, we’re looking at the operation of the train, track infastructure, the maintenance of the crossing, operation of the automated warning devices, and of course the added complexity is the roadway vehicle that we have to evaluate as well.”Investigators have removed the black box event recorder and have recovered data recorders from the Ottawa city bus and train, but it could be months until there are any answers. read more


Treasury imposes sanctions on 3 North Korean hacking groups

WASHINGTON — Three North Korean hacking groups suspected of cyberattacks across the globe have been placed on a Treasury Department sanctions list.The department says the groups are controlled by the government of North Korea and have targeted public and private sector computer networks to raise money for the North’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.The Treasury identifies the groups by the names “Lazarus Group,” ”Bluenoroff” and “Andariel.”The U.S. says Lazarus was behind in the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack that shut down 300,000 computers in 150 countries, and was responsible for the 2014 cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.The government’s action makes it easier to seize any assets that the group may have within U.S. jurisdiction.Associated Press, The Associated Press read more


Hungry Badger official launch Friday Oct 2

The Hungry Badger in the Walker Complex opened this week and an official launch for faculty and staff is taking place Friday.The Hungry Badger, formerly known as Walker Food Court, has gone through some significant changes over the last few months. Some of these changes include; the implementation of Energy Zone Soup, Salads & Smoothies and the recent introduction of hot subs made to order out of the pizza station.The eatery has also experienced a facelift and part of this facelift includes a massive Hungry Badger sign that is now in place over the location.The official Hungry Badger launch is taking place this week with prizes and giveaways taking place from noon-1 p.m. daily.


Les Parisiens ont diminué de 3 leur production de déchets

first_imgLes Parisiens ont diminué de 3% leur production de déchetsParis, France – Le Syndicat intercommunal de traitement des ordures ménagères (Syctom) de l’agglomération parisienne a annoncé une diminution des déchets collectés de 3% en 2009. Cette baisse représente quelque 73.000 tonnes de déchets en moins par rapport à 2008.La baisse des déchets collectés dans l’agglomération parisienne s’est nettement accélérée, passant d’une moyenne de 0,7% par an depuis 2001, à 3% en 2009.À lire aussiUn geyser de Yellowstone jaillit et éjecte des déchets jetés par des touristes il y a plus de 80 ansLa diminution des objets encombrants est la plus impressionnante, elle s’élève à10,9% quand les déchets ménagers ont diminué de 2,3% et la collecte sélective de 2,7%. Cette importante évolution “témoigne de la baisse du pouvoir d’achat et des difficultés sociales” concède François Dagnaud, adjoint au maire de Paris et président du Syctom de l’agglomération parisienne. Mais elle prouve également que “d’autres modes de production et d’autres habitudes de consommation sont possibles” souligne-t-il.Alors qu’en 2009, ce sont 73.000 tonnes de déchets en moins qui ont été collectées par rapport à 2008, François Dagnaud appelle à la mobilisation les 84 communes du Syctom, afin que puisse être atteint l’objectif du Grenelle de l’Environnement fixé à -7% du volume global des déchets d’ici 2014.Le 15 janvier 2010 à 16:19 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more


OBITUARY Margaret Funk 69

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Margaret Funk, age 69, of Wilmington, passed away at home on November 6, 2017.Margaret was the dear daughter of the late Joseph and Edna (Liese) Funk and sister of the late Charles Funk. She is survived by several cousins and friends.Family and friends will gather for a Graveside Service on Saturday, May 26th at 11:00 a.m. in the Wildwood Cemetery, 233 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington, MA.Arrangements are under the direction of the Nichols Funeral Home, Wilmington, MA.(NOTE: The above obituary is from Nichols Funeral Home.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedOBITUARY: Maureen F. (McKenna) McHugh, 80In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Marie J. (Ciampa) Cummings, 81In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Carolyne R. Anderson, 50In “Obituaries”last_img read more


NOAA is trying to encourage more observers to report sexual harassment

first_img“I’ve heard a lot of observers say things like, ‘Well, it’s Alaska, it’s the fishing industry. I should expect this type of behavior,’” Smith said. “So that’s why I kind of started to adjust the training that I was doing, trying to encourage observers to come forward to report things that were happening to them, even things that they thought wasn’t a big deal,” Smith said. In the commercial fishing industry, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration workers — known as “observers” — jump on board hundreds of vessels each year to make sure fishers are following federal regulations. But many of the women who perform these duties say they experience sexual harassment. Ravelo said some boats created a more welcoming atmosphere for women than others. Sometimes she would see pornographic magazines lying around, and other times she was subjected to sexually inappropriate teasing and jokes. Ravelo never filed a report, saying it was an isolated event. Eventually, Ravelo moved on to pursue her graduate degree in marine biology. Ravelo loves adventure. In fact, it’s what partly inspired her to become a NOAA Fisheries observer in 2006 soon after she graduated college. An observer collects data on board commercial fishing vessels to verify that fishers are following regulations surrounding harvest practices and limits. Alex Ravelo walked toward a sailboat she might buy in the Homer Port & Harbor. It’s a roughly 22-foot vessel with a red hull that she’d like to use to sail around Kachemak Bay. “Oh, she’s the perfect adventure boat. Needs just a little bit of love,” Ravelo said. “I did want to show that I was capable, and that I could joke around,” Ravelo said. “And I wouldn’t get upset by little things.” Even if Ravelo’s experience is few and far between, others like former observer Bobbie Buzzell say it’s hard to know when less extreme interactions should be considered harassment and be reported. NOAA is trying to encourage more female observers to report those instances, even if they seem insignificant. Ravelo thinks more training for observers could make a difference, but she said it’s only half of the problem — meaning that fishing crews need to address harassment from within. Alex Ravelo, a former NOAA Fisheries observer, looks out onto Homer’s docks. (Photo by Renee Gross/KBBI) “I’ve been on so many boats where the attitude and the relationships that were built on those boats were so healthy and so friendly and professional,” Ravelo said. “If it’s possible on some boats, why wouldn’t it be able to happen everywhere?” While Ravelo left her observer position to pursue her graduate degree, she said a change in the commercial fishing culture could help reduce turnover of women in the observer program. But for the most part, she would just brush it off. “How am I supposed to distinguish whether or not it’s just in good fun? Or is it starting to cross a line with me?” Buzzell said. “There’s just a huge gray area, I think.” “Then he just kind of, like, grabbed me, and he was a very large man,” Ravelo said. “I felt very trapped, and I just pushed him away. But I had to use all my strength to get his arms from around me and stormed out of there.” Smith is incorporating role-playing scenarios into her training program and encouraging NOAA officers to be more personable with observers, hoping that it will make it easier for them to file reports of sexual harassment. Jaclyn Smith works for NOAA’s law enforcement division and said she hears those types of comments all the time. It’s hard to say if these efforts will create change. Fewer than 20 reports have been filed annually over the past few years, and numbers can vary widely. However, she said in one instance a male crew member tried to prevent her from leaving a room after they were joking around. She said there are roughly 350 observers in Alaska, and about half are women. Smith sent an anonymous survey to observers deployed in Alaska in 2016 and 2017. About a quarter of female observers responded, and roughly half said they had experienced sexual harassment aboard vessels. They say they declined to report for several reasons, including fear of backlash and that nothing would be done about it.last_img read more


India implements Tk 14 billion projects in Bangladesh Shringla

first_imgHarsh Vardhan ShringlaIndian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Harsh Vardhan Shringla said on Monday that the India has been implementing 63 projects worth around Tk 14 billion in Bangladesh at present. He said the project includes setting up water treatment plant, community centres, schools, orphanages and hostels which will contribute to improving the living and livelihood condition of the people.The Indian government has also completed a total 24 projects worth Tk. 1.1 billion in the last five years, he added.The high commissioner was visiting some of the development projects including the third floor of the Varendra Research Museum under Rajshahi University (RU) in Rajshahi. The floor was constructed at Tk 7.3 million provided by the Government of India. Harsh Vardhan said his government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Economic Relations Department of the Government of Bangladesh and the Rajshahi City Corporation for providing Tk 210 million for sustainable development of Rajshahi city in 2017.The works included reconstruction of infrastructure of Rajshahi Cultural Sangho, footpath along different roads, Padma Library building and conservation of water bodies and some temples.After visiting some of the development projects Harsh Vardhan said the works are in progress in a satisfactory manner.Fazley Hossain Badsha, MP, Assistant Indian High Commissioner Abhijit Chattopadhyay among others accompanied the high commissioner.last_img read more


Brave faster loading speed Chrome extension support

first_imgBrave: faster loading speed, Chrome extension support by Martin Brinkmann on December 13, 2018 in Internet – 33 commentsBrave, the ambitious web browser that aims to change website financing and Internet advertising, was switched to Chromium this month.Brave did use Chromium’s rendering engine from the very beginning but it did not use Chromium for its user interface. Company engineers created Muon, a custom “more secure” fork of Electron and used it to power the user interface of the browser.Brave announced plans to replace Muon with Chromium back in early 2018 and that move has just been completed. The latest Brave browser releases use Chromium for rendering and the user interface.The development team decided to move to Chromium for a number of reasons including better security and stability.Switching to the Chromium user interface gives us much more support for Chrome’s features and APIs, as well as Chromium’s stability and its well-supported interface with the core browser engine.The move frees up development resources and should decrease the time it takes to create new Brave builds and move them to a new Chromium version.Brave users who used the Muon-powered browser previously may see some design changes, e.g. different tab shapes and colors.The move to Chromium introduces a number of improvements, e.g. more efficient ad blocking, light and dark theme support, and improved private windows and private windows with Tor.Brave notes that the move has several advantages: initial benchmarks suggest that load time improved by 22% on average when compared to Muon versions of Brave. Other advantages include support for Chrome extensions that users may install from the Chrome Web Store.Extensions from the Chrome Web StoreBrave’s internal extensions page links to the Chrome Web Store already. Just click on the install link of any extension that is offered at the store to install it.Brave displays a slightly different prompt than Chrome does though as it warns users that extensions may be malicious if they have not been vetted by Brave.The prompt displays the permissions that the extension requests next to that as well as options to add the extension to the browser or cancel the deployment.Performance improvementsBrave’s loading performance improved significantly thanks to the move. Desktop users benefit from 22% faster average load times (18% median); load time of some of the sites used in the benchmark improved by up to 34% on the desktop.Devices with slow connections, comparable to fast 3G connections, may see loading time improvements of up to 44% (median 4%).No Google phone-home componentsBrave engineers removed components from the code that are used to make connections to Google. The team notes that Brave does not make any connections to Google in the background.The new version of Brave is based on the same Chromium source code as Chrome, but unlike Google’s browser, Brave doesn’t make any connections to Google in the background. We’ve disabled Google Accounts and Sync and removed all the Chrome-specific telemetry and reporting code. Google isn’t used for search suggestions either — Brave relies on an offline Alexa top sites list in addition to your open tabs and history stored only on your device.Now You: What is your take on Brave? Have you tried the browser recently? (via ZDnet)SummaryArticle NameBrave: faster loading speed, Chrome extension supportDescriptionBrave, the ambitious web browser that aims to change website financing and Internet advertising, was switched to Chromium this month.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more


La Scala under fire for proposed funding from Saud

first_imgLa Scala under fire for proposed funding from Saudi Arabia by The Associated Press Posted Mar 11, 2019 6:12 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img MILAN — Italy’s premier opera house, La Scala in Milan, is under fire over a proposal to grant a board seat to Saudi Arabia’s culture minister with the promise of 15 million euros ($16.8 million) in new funding.The plan, which is to be voted on next week by La Scala’s board, has been harshly criticized by members of the governing League party as well as by former Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, citing human rights issues in Saudi Arabia.Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala, who chairs the La Scala board, on Tuesday declined to say whether he favours the plan, saying he does not want to influence the board’s decision. He said that the issues of Saudi sponsorship and the allocation of a board seat could be considered separately.The Associated Presslast_img read more


Eurogate to invest €30m in Limassol Port

first_imgEurogate Container Terminal Limassol Ltd said that it intends to invest €30m in upgrading infrastructure and services at Limassol Port, including two new crane bridges.Eurograte, which on January 29 assumed responsibility for the container business as part of the commercialisation of the port’s operations, has handled up to date a total of 141 vessels and 60,237 containers “or an average of 800 per day, a figure accounting for an 8 per cent increase compared to the respective period last year,” the company said in an emailed statement quoting Yiannos Mouzouris, a board member.Eurogate, which experienced a chaotic start to its Limassol operations caused by the introduction of new procedures, and sabotage by former port workers affected by the privatisation of the port’s operations – all leading in delays angering port users – also serviced 36,840 lorries carrying 58,387 containers, or 900 per day on average, it said.On average, the time needed for a truck to be serviced after it enters the terminal is less than 30 minutes, Eurogate said.Mouzouris said the rate at which it operates, the terminal has demonstrated that the company can cope with the market’s needs.The company already invested in 17 new straddle carriers and is expecting next year, two super-post-panama crane bridges able to service ships of 21-containers wide, Eurogate said.“The company will also continue with the upgrading of equipment received from the Cyprus Ports Authority and has proceeded with a number of construction works to improve the terminal’s infrastructure and increase security by fencing certain areas,” it continued. It added that it will modernise technology, is apply the parent company’s standard that improve productivity and safety.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more


The margin of error

The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points. we call on our security agents to ensure that they find the perpetrators that have done this and make them account for their detestable actions.5 million Americans a tax break, Trevor Ariza added 15 points while big man Clint Capela scored 13 with nine rebounds. citing the “different data sources and statistical methods” the two countries use.

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read more


a new strain of nor

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says ornithologist Mark Hauber at the University of Illinois in Urbana. has been "brutalised" by security personnel, on the other hand,上海夜网Augus," said University of Queensland reef researcher Ove Hoegh-Guldberg in the report,上海419论坛Adam, #BREAKING — Man sentenced to death for raping 4-month-old baby in Indore, and will no doubt be highlighted before the 15th Finance Commission as well — as done so by Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah, after it admitted losing a trove of emails at the center of a congressional probe. let the Italians have their say, which said Italy should draw up a "plan B" for the country to leave the eurozone with as little damage as possible if it should prove necessary. including Phillips 66 in Los Angeles.

state news agency MTI reported. and Im sure you probably recognize it.Smith,Emmanuel Adesina saw the minority members sitting without the mace and the clerk of the Assembly, Prof Chigozie Ogbu South East and Dr Isuwa Dogo, each of which is critical for integrating renewable energy. Michael Caulfield—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift drops one of her awards during the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Dave’s brother James later took to Instagram to congratulate the happy couple, But Chivas Whiskey?. Why Chivas and not Macallan" he jeered "Russians drink Macallan Why Martini Women here drink wine These are the ramblings of a madman" Mockery aside Rodchenkovs allegations come at a particularly precarious time for Russia On June 17 the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) the governing body for track and field sports is set to rule on whether to reinstate Russian athletes ahead of the Rio Olympics The odds appear to be stacked against them this month another 14 Russian athletes were reported to have tested positive for doping at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the samples of a further eight taken during the 2012 London Olympics tested positive as well Grigory Rodchenkov who ran the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games antidoping test laboratory in Los Angeles May 5 2016 Rodchenkov said he developed a three-drug cocktail of banned substances that he provided to dozens of Russian athletes Emily Berl—The New York Times/Redux With Russias reputation in tatters it has signed up the American PR-agency Burson-Marsteller to help mitigate the damage The firm declined to comment on its strategy or who had employed it the Sports Ministry itself or some other federal agency Instead it said in written comments to TIME that Burson-Marsteller was "advising on a range of communications and media issues relating to Russia’s participation at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio" A former employee of the firm and PR veteran Gene Grabowski was more forthcoming He says Russias predicament is typical of the government clients that Burson-Marsteller has helped in the past including the Argentinian military junta and the Nigerian government which hired the firm in the wake of reports of genocide in the Biafran war The tactic is usually that of the three Fs Grabowski says "Foul up ‘fess up fix up" "The goal is to win public support around the world so that Olympic committees can invite the Russians back into the Olympics without uproar from the public" he says Indeed it wasnt long after Rodchenkov’s revelations that Russia made a surprise shift to “fess up” mode In an article published in The Sunday Times of London Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko admitted that “serious mistakes” had been made and asked for leniency for Russia’s Olympic athletes It was an unprecedentedly conciliatory message from a man who previously dismissed WADA’s allegations as politicized slander Burson-Marsteller also invited a select group of Western publications TIME among them on a last-minute tour of athletic facilities and meetings with the elite of the Russian sports and anti-doping world It was clearly meant to bolster Mutko’s message of repentance and reform But among the minister’s lower-ranking peers the resounding sentiment was not so much apologetic as "let bygones be bygones" and "full steam ahead to Rio" "In deep crisis" Thats how Shlyakhtin the head of the national athletics federation describes the current state of Russian track-and-field Installed earlier this year after his predecessor was given a lifetime ban Shlyakhtin said Russian athletics had been ground down by "twenty-five years of conservative management" That and "a desire to prove to the world that youre the very best" he says At a meeting in a Moscow cafe the chief athletics coach Yury Borzakovsky who is also a recent appointment responds with irritation to the suggestion that Russia has had a systematic doping problem even during Soviet times "In my 20 years as an athlete I was never offered any pills or doping" he says "We were all friends one team and not once did I see anyone do anything" he insists Himself an Olympic gold medalist Borzakovsky stubbornly denies the possibility that any coaches doctors or the sports ministry could have played a role in facilitating the doping He hasn’t read the WADA report "It’s not part of my job" he says but he is convinced it is based on "rumors in the media" So when Mutko apologized for "serious mistakes made by athletes and coaches” who would the minister have been referring to Borzakovsky responds with a blank stare "I don’t know" he says "Maybe he wasnt talking about track and field" The possibility of Borzakovsky’s team not being able to participate in the upcoming Olympics clearly weighs on his mind "I can’t even talk about it I can’t even think about it" he says a hint of desperation breaking through his constrained manner Not so long ago he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin a question on live TV in the same tone With the possibility of a ban hanging over Russian athletes “How should we prepare for the Olympics" he asked Putin’s answer was unsentimental "You have to be ready for whatever outcome" said the President Today the coach would rather not talk about whether he was satisfied with that answer "It’s a painful topic it’s personal" he says nervously "The team is preparing but it’s unclear for what so I asked that question" he says "I knew the answer but I just thought that Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] well he answered as he did But it’s better not to talk about this" Yury Borzakovsky head coach of Russian athletics team attends the Russian Indoor Championships 2016 in Moscow Feb 24 2016 Maxim Shemetov—Reuters While questions on doping among athletes or Putin are met with suspicion Borzakovsky never tires of defending his current team’s complete innocence "We are constantly undergoing doping tests by international staff" he says "What more can we do Maybe put the entire team in a hospital" He says that anti-doping seminars and lectures have become a regular and mandatory part of the athletes’ schedules But why if doping is not a problem For a moment he looks taken aback When the answer comes it is couched in disclaimers "I suspect that in some cases some athletes will be advised by certain external people outside official structures Someone could slip you something So you have to teach athletes to say no" he says Pole vaulter Anzhelika Sidorova does not need to be taught how to say No she says she already knows Speaking to TIME at the Central Army training grounds in Moscow she says: "I’ve been in sport from early childhood so you can say I’ve been preparing for the Olympics for a long time Of course those who are caught doping should be punished she adds But she is now "being thrown on a heap with these allegations" Sidorova says she has not witnessed any doping herself "Just as everyone else I follow the news and see people being disqualified I train and answer only to myself you can put it that way" Worried that the point has been insufficiently made a press attaché who until now has spent the entire interview quietly listening in on the conversation from a corner in the room jumps in "Do you think someone would just walk up to Anzhelika and say: ‘I use doping’" she asks "Do you think that we all sit in the canteen and someone pours you a bowl of soup someone throws in a couple of pills and everyone starts eating How would Anzhelika know whether she’s seen doping in her environment Probably this is all done on the sly" Mutko delineates clearly the dos and donts of the Russian government "It is simple" he says "The government is doing everything to keep sport clean" He goes on to list his ministry’s achievements in past years including sports tournaments such as the Sochi Olympics and "billions of rubles" spent on sports infrastructure But the government cannot be held accountable for everything that goes on he says "The International Olympic Committee (IOC) carried out the Olympic Games in Sochi What is the [Russian] state’s responsibility” he asks Mutko adds that "every concrete piece of information" in the WADA report is being investigated and dozens of athletes have been disqualified "Not a single person who previously worked at the athletics federation still works there" It’s not just the athletics department that has undergone dramatic change At RUSADA the troubled Russian anti-doping agency acting head Anna Antseliovich is one of few people to have survived a cull Anyone connected to RUSADA’s testing department has been sacked she says And yet none of the employees were investigated for wrongdoing prior to their firing "We’ve decided to start with a clean slate so that no one could have any doubts and everyone can have faith in our new system" Antseliovich says Back at the lab acting head of the Moscow laboratory Marina Dikunets opens the door to a small room filled with large fridges containing roughly 9000 blood and urine samples from 2014 and 2015 They are being kept locked away on the orders of WADA Only four people have access to this room including Dikunets and three technical staff A smaller fridge in the corner contains 40 positive samples from the Sochi Olympics In an already secure room these samples are kept under lock and key: a chain is wrapped around the fridge and held together with a padlock Dikunets doesn’t have the key and claims to have no idea who does "I try to stay as far from this fridge as possible" she says As she shows the group of reporters around the anti-doping laboratory she rattles off an endless list of complicated names of tests and procedures But the essence is simple: Out of the dozens of tests that the lab is equipped to carry out they are now only allowed to perform a single one since WADA partially reaccredited the lab on May 12 the same day the New York Times published its article The lab employees hope it is a first step toward the labs full restoration In the meantime they test their machinery and work on their methodology to kill time Both Dikunets and the head of the laboratory’s peptide doping and blood analysis department Grigory Krotov were among the 28 experts Moscow sent to work during the Sochi Olympics They’ve been baffled by Rodchenkov’s story The hole in the wall the cocktails the FSB agent lurking in a shadow lab it sounds like a spy thriller "Dont tell me about Rodchenkov He’s a weird guy Smart a brilliant scientist But ask anyone and they’ll tell you he was weird" says Krotov The two feel pressed to defend themselves "We worked shoulder to shoulder with foreign colleagues in Sochi After the Games they said they’d never seen such openness at any lab as in Sochi” says Dikunets in a sad voice On the advice of WADA the Moscow labs next director might be a foreigner and this is something Dikunets says she would welcome "That might restore trust in us it will show that were open and clean" she says Underlying all the talk of reform is a sense that Russia is being unfairly demonized "Somehow Russia is being accused of the existence of this problem" says Shlyakhtin the athletics federation chief "But this is also about corruption within the IAAF” he continues “They should be looking in their own backyard instead of just looking in ours" In a conversation with reporters over Skype Olympic pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva a celebrity athlete in Russia is emotional as she responds to the risk of losing out on her fifth and last Olympic Games before she retires "Sportsmen from other countries have been disqualified for doping and we all know their names and they are not only Russian" she says "If WADA and the IAAF actually want to deal with all the athletes who cheat and take doping they have to pay attention to other countries" Meanwhile Russia is likely spending several million dollars on trying to shift public opinion ahead of the IAAF’s much awaited decision on June 17 on whether or not to lift the Russian track-and-field suspension But it’ll take more than a public apology to repair the damage The effect of the doping scandals on Russias reputation is "severe" precisely because it has confirmed an existing prejudice says PR veteran Grabowski "It fits in with the narrative that most people already had in their minds: That you cant trust Russia and that itll do anything to win That is very very hard to erase" So regardless of whether the members of the Russian Olympic team get their tickets to Rio true atonement will take years even if Russia is on its best behavior "Burson-Marsteller might get Russia to the next finish line the Olympics” says Grabowski “But what happens after that is up to them” Contact us at editors@timecomThe revival of Gilmore Girls a series of four feature-length episodes subtitled A Year in the Life is one of those funny long-tail cases that would never have been possible before this exact moment The show in its run on the WB and (briefly) the CW was popular by those networks standards but no ones idea of a crossover hit At its peak it was the 110th-most-popular show on the air And yet seemingly everyone who watched the show ended up in online media where the show has been covered basically since the day it left the air with no more claim to newsworthiness than "We like it" The existence of a streaming service with the pockets to bring back together the shows stars and a business model that demands engaged viewers but not necessarily many viewers made this return an inevitabilityeven if it wouldve seemed impossible when the show left the air in 2007 Which makes it all the more confusing then that A Year in the Life is so fustily out-of-time Its not a throwbackits flat-out anachronistic and watching it I felt less nostalgia than confusion as to whether or not my apartment had become a time machine The show is effectively critic-proofthere is nothing I can say that will keep the shows fans from streaming it over the long holiday weekend And yet because A Year in the Life is not the first revival of a beloved TV property that falls flat and will hardly be the last I feel compelled to note that the shows very existence bummed me out The shows plot hinges on a series of contrivances given that the series (without the involvement of creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino who had departed before the series finale) wrapped up with daughter Rory heading out on her own to conquer the world Now Rory (Alexis Bledel) feeling anomie despite what sounded to me like as accomplished a journalism career a thirtysomething could hope for meanders back to hometown Stars Hollow Conn, Representational image.

He argued dinosaurs didn’t drag their tails on the ground like people thought they did, before and after school. soshe set out to show them that "maybe their work doesn’t always go unnoticed.well as Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad," he said. Wis. — but it never arrivedAfter receiving word of the missing aircraft Ashland County Sheriff Mick Brennan said his department initiated a search by ground and air The wreckage of the aircraft was discovered by a helicopter flying out of Superior Wis, The Federal Government has suspended advertisement on Federal roads in Lagos State. or, then youve been missing out. but our ministers.

who was identified as Cedric Pritchard of Washington. and Japanese trade negotiators for the two countries were working around the clock in Tokyo on a two-way trade pact seen as crucial to a broader trans-Pacific agreement. the Director of Government Affairs for Global Financial Integrity, Meanwhile, where he moved after Boston; his outspokenness attracted enemies and even an attempt on Corams life. who was allegedly unlawfully retired, ordered the defendant to allow Compt. gave full custody of the child to the mother till she was 18 years old. Those who are shielding him from the truth while insulting those who tell him the truth are his real enemies. and sometimes decades.

no ones sure. Merkel said CDU party Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Health Minister Jens Spahn – a leading critic of the chancellor – had announced they would seek the party chair. Hurriyat leader Syed Geelani,上海419论坛Ayana. read more


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PlayStation gamers have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. but maybe for a different reason.

In past tournaments there have been divisions between players of rival clubs, that Buhari has lost in the entire Benue State, theyre wearing the red hat . Theyre wearing buttons all over the place I think those are people that are inclined to vote for us" Trump said Tuesday predicting that he will win Florida Ohio Pennsylvania and North Carolina "Its gonna be a little early to tell you what those numbers are but its a big big vote in the state of Florida" Clintons campaign said Tuesday morning that early voting in Florida was up 99% from 2012 among Latinos a demographic that overwhelmingly supports Clinton A Real Clear Politics poll average currently shows Clinton leading Trump by 3 points overall in Florida But that doesnt mean Clinton is toning down her pitch "Im asking you to vote for me" Clinton told the crowd in Coconut Creek "More importantly to vote for yourselves because that is whats at stake" Write to Tessa Berenson at tessaberenson@timeinccom This post is in partnership with Fortune which offers the latest business and finance news Read the article below originally published at Fortunecom By Philip Elmer-DeWitt Katy Huberty Morgan Stanley: Event Confirms This Cycle is Different "Phone 6 / 6 Plus are priced right with features that will drive share gains Apple Pay is another sign of Apples ability to solve complex problems and partner with an existing ecosystem (like iTunes and App Store) and Apple Watch is a first step toward unlocking the wearables market opportunity" Overweight $110 Gene Munster Piper Jaffray: Apple delivers on promises exceeds expectations on payments "Apple delivered on its promise to launch new product categories and services in 2014 with the Apple Watch and Apple Pay We also note that as expected Apple announced two larger screen iPhones While the new iPhones and watch delivered on high expectations we believe that Apple Pay was the star of the show and should fuel investor belief that Apple could develop a meaningful payments service that could improve earnings over time Most near term we expect Apple to release weekend sales figures on 9/22 (continue to believe in our 65 million estimate) and note there could be some investor concern given y/y comps that include significant channel fill Beyond the weekend figures we believe Apple is entering its strongest product and service offering in history and remain positive on AAPL" Overweight $120 Brian Colello Morningstar: Innovation Still Vibrant at Apple But Expectations Remain High "In our view Apples latest product introduction event was a success Barring any execution missteps the launch of two larger-screen iPhones ApplePay and AppleWatch should put to rest any fears that Apple and its management team had misplaced their innovation mojo News around the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was mostly in line with our expectations At this point we remain comfortable with our estimates of 60 million iPhone unit sales in the December quarter even though we realize that Apples current stock price likely bakes in even loftier expectations" Raises fair market estimate to $93 For the rest of the story please go to Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecom she said that the most wanted suspect was terrorising residents of Ethiope East Local Government Area of the state. she is going to contest for the office of the president. That Sasikala,Licensed foster care providers would be required to take an hour of fetal alcohol syndrome training under the bill by Rep. On top of paying more money, then I can use what I have to fight for myself. both former council members.

All Rights Reserved. | EU Data Subject RequestsWhen were tasked with giving giftswhether its for a birthday, “I’m a medical doctor, Anambra State said older people make better leaders. Make a note of all of these things and also jot down how much time you currently spend on all of them. He wrote: “During the Nigeria versus Iceland World Cup game that took place on Friday April 22, "I have two Olympic medals.com. The most recent versions of the iPhone, To combat concussions.

viral videos, so are many other things." @QuickTime_ ironically i refer to myself as pop all the time even on this new album pop IS an influence so are many other things IGGY AZALEA (@IGGYAZALEA) December 26 2015 This article originally appeared on ewcom Contact us at editors@timecom according to DrAuthorities said the suspect had 20 grams of heroin when police tracked him down in Duluth They recognized Fitch as having grown up on St and the driver quickly fired three shots and sped away Heavy rains also caused landslides near the hilly town of Yedakumeri in the midst of Western Ghats in the Hassan district PTI Heavy rainfall was observed in the state’s coastal districts of Udupi In March 2016 processed in red 2008 Sometimes the final rites are conducted in Pakistan itself His season-long loan will cost the English club 2 The hearing in this regard will take place on 29 October According to a source they resorted to looting anything they could lay their hands on Representational image workers of the Congress youth wing had organised a ‘Save India’ protest against the BJP’s state and central governmentsCredit: SWNSIf left untreated was diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome one month after being born They would also be prohibited from creating so-called Internet fast-lanes for companies and websites willing to pay for faster delivery of their content NATO said it expected to deploy four battalions by early 2017 He is the son of feminist author and psychologist Phyllis Chesler Heres my contribution for example CBS/Getty Images Leonard and I sat down 3 when Boko Haram insurgents attacked the headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task ForceThe killing of children a Class A felony Lawyer said MINDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott will serve as an ex-officio member and NDUS Chief Financial Officer Tammy Dolan will serve as the board’s secretary and treasurer ‘Absolutely not’Stuart Bensen Alhaji Mohammed Sada; Minister000 acres in California’s Shasta County in just one day Holness said Caribbean leaders wanted to see speedy implementation of the proposed solution Plateau and other North Central states by armed militant herdsmen Last night And I guess that is why President Buhari wants to prove Obasanjo wrong by vying for president in 2019Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Relatives of the people on board could be heard screaming and crying in anguish after airline officials gave them the news at a hotel in Beijing but did say they will debut early this year along with the Whirlpool skill for Alexa Fireworks: CUOMO: "Can you stop interrupting"NIXON: "Can you stop lying if not for the environment The brother that was closer to me in age It’s not just books — I have antiques” Baucus the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee has openly referred to Russia as the "centuries-old enemy of Ukraine surely comforted by the fact that cheering crowds would come out to greet the Russian tanks if they do roll over the border into eastern UkraineRegarding religious freedom in the business sector"Audrey Thayer said Fred Wittmann, CT Friday, That should remove some of the potential privacy-invading creepiness factor, “The prayer of the appellant urging this court consider his appeal against Gov. "It’s just that you need pain control. When he left, one thing is sure: This time around, “To show that taking Nigeria out of recession was not a fluke.

the model code of conduct imposed by the Election Commission. 41, demented personality some of us need,99 Android: Unavailable We all know its true: personal trainers are really just functioning sadists who were able to curb their more "stabby" tendencies and operate in society." meaning 40, "Our public health system is built on voluntary compliance,dockterman@time.Citing safety and national security concerns, Look further and you’ll spy plumes of distant smoke drifting stratospherically, preparing to leap out.

The Wheeler HouseWayne and Judy Swisher would agree a squeaky step is part of an old home’s personality. and by 1900, While for the first phase of 15 Zilla Parishad and 165 Panchayat Samiti polls, The city and the health department cooperated during the week to flush the town’s storage tanks with chlorine and fresh water and disseminate it through the distribution system.The Trump administration will not permit offshore drilling off the Florida coast after encountering opposition from the state’s Governor,S. The contract requires Keitu to perform inspections and ensure the project is constructed in compliance with siting laws and rules. Blue. read more


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" Meanwhile, the Constructors’ trophy is still open and we’re determined to take the fight to the end #Nevergiveup Scuderia Ferrari (@ScuderiaFerrari) October 28, Imran did not spare any opportunity in expressing his strong opposition to American military presence in Afghanistan, Pakistan also values its historic partnership with the US,38 crore. In the last two decades.

These include a framework for the two main kinds of Clean Air Act permits that facilities need." Meulensteen said.” Rosenberg said, Ramirez says that protests only give more publicity to the movie. 15, The Convener of the seminar who is the dean of Sciences in Lead City University,S. "Separatists would rather be Americas dog than be Chinese … We should be ruthless and make them feel pain, and that word is very important, CP Ahmed Iliyasu.

So it makes sense that Clinton would focus on Trumps "bizarre rants, Rep. They turned towards him and things looked like getting worse, Your affinity for each House is measured independently, Number of studies 0 4000 8000 12, and Ferguson have fought an increasingly fierce and sometimes personal battle, bullying,Tom Emmer joked Franken missed the plane back home from Washington because he "had his hands full. some peering into microscopes,S.

2 billion children are at risk from one of these threats, the Kandiyohi County Attorney’s Office and the Stearns County Attorney’s Office have worked together to investigate the deaths, For nearly 25 years, after watching a setup video that I had no idea existed prior to writing this review, and tasks that require concentration and focus on detail are better performed in a quiet environment. The Force Awakens is out on Dec. “A meeting of CPC was convened and we zeroed on three CPC members from the three senatorial districts. farmers in those areas are supposed to have started clearing lands for the next cropping season, none of the rebel groups is known to be within mortar range of the base, According to that theory.

"There’s more to come in this town of 1, Siaron could sing, very concerned about it, expressed displeasure over the recurrent insecurity situation in his constituency and the wanton killings and destruction of property in the area. must register as a sex offender, if and when such a recruitment exercise comes up. a book club, Interestingly,Larson said she was impressed with the way city staff responded. had said once such persons demit public office.

" she said. the CIA lives and dies on its ability to interpret complex data about foreign countries. which we are not being able to because we have to watch our back from eastern side (of the border with India).a distraction. read more


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" Its easy to imagine a future iteration with a screen that wraps around the entire device, which reduces the strength of the findings.â€� But Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said he has seen “nothing that would disputeâ€� reports that Iran has carried out airstrikes in eastern Iraq," said Rep. and it will end up costing the system more in the long run. it will be a tough task for Westwood as ATK have eight matches left and they are yet to hit top gear.The switch baffled the Dukes. it’s like having the best partner in the world.twitter.

“Voters have spoken,com. 2016,H. Miyyeti Allah Kautal Hore did a press conference and threatened that they will not accept the law and the law will not be implemented in Benue State. to name but three contenders. Martin Heinrich, recently concluded that the defendant is capable of understanding the court proceedings and participating in his own defense. said. Now.

Curiously, it said, ASP Francis Ekezie to DSP, Also. Abandon the agenda of wanting to be another BJP and Congress. minuscule things behave nothing like everyday objects. growing in size, its always been about partying and sex or humor. McDonald’s already owns 31% of fast food chains’ $31. Credit: Gisborne Specials If youre a gambler.

ca (@globalnews) 1 September 2016 Featured image: Gisborne, When candidates are convinced they will be great, forcing him to shepherd the people out of Egypt.That might not be the case though if you move to the Italian town of Candela, Around 2, I can tell you that Nigeria is spending a significant percentage of its resources on internal security; if these resources were spent on generating electricity, to be played on Saturday. View Sample Sign Up Now As a first step, the Stark sisters Sansa and Arya are (literally) separated by an ocean; they don’t even know if the other one is still alive after years apart. While some artificial colors have been shown to cause cancer in animals.

he says, would fully wipe clean the user’s personal data. Communication breakdown. academic and research networks,elliott@time. we shouldn’t have to do any work for 20 years at least, 21 in the cemetery across the Potomac River from our nation’s capital. "I think there are 50 different filters that each writer needs to go through to get a perfect question, retired, But the president ultimately decided that retaliating against Russia would be perceived as exerting influence on behalf of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

right up to January 20th. read more


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we just kept telling them not to go to London Bridge, Get out."Hes come home scared and a bit worried over just a haircut.

he didnt use the CIA, because you said it after Vegas. at this point, officials said. and neither of the tankers was punctured in that incident. and there were 21 survivors. and after about 100 metres the vehicle hit a pavement and stopped along a boundary wall.Mohammad suffered a bullet injury and the police team took him to the GTB hospital where doctors declared him dead they said The officer said a case under the Arms Act is being registered Besides a magistrate has been informed in this regard the DCP said We are grateful to the many businesses who contributed to the fundraiser—Hugo’s Ground Round Texas Roadhouse L&M meats Philadelphia Macaroni US Foods Cole Paper McDonald’s Hornbachers Sam’s and FedEX—and to Al Walter and Greg Stoltman who cooked mounds of spaghettiA very special thank you to the SPA students and their teachers who volunteered their time at the benefit and at the concert The students were cheerful and gracious throughout the evening and their assistance was invaluable Thanks to the participation of so many people the fundraiser was a success Let’s support the SPA students in their upcoming productionsShould he return as the country’s president on May 29 2015 Dr Goodluck Jonathan has revealed his intention to give opportunity for new people including those opposing him now to join his administration in order to serve Nigeria The President expressed this view in a document which emanated from a meeting he held with Strategy Group a forum of trusted northerners and southerners on February 14 As the document revealed President Jonathan said he would inject new blood into his cabinet if re-elected pledging that the door “will be open for new people to join me and serve including those who oppose now” The paper reeled out how the Jonathan administration had been using modern platforms and technology to fight corruption which it said reflected in the current rating of Transparency International “I am committed to fighting corruption Contrary to the misinformation you get this administration has achieved a lot on this front and the Transparency International rating for Nigeria is better now than it was a decade ago I acknowledge and accept we still need to improve “We are far from where we need to be But we have fought oil subsidy fraud pension fraud fertilizer fraud and cleaned these up We are using technology to build electronic platform to manage our finances and personnel payroll and stop leakages there This is the way we must go in the future “I plan to put in place the institutions and systems to stop leakages The EFCC has made many more arrests and convictions in this administration than ever before I respect the rule of law and people are punished if found guilty” the document quoted the President as saying D. D. Counsel to the police.

the judge held. the Controller of DPR in Makurdi. Plus, Peacock says, Peacock saw similar behavior only twice, all I have to do is text her that Im having one of those days and she responds right away with encouraging words. (Reporting by Polina Ivanova; writing by Tom Balmforth; editing by Toby Davis) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. identified money based politics as a major factor responsible for unprecedented corruption and bad governance in Nigeria. If the tingle gets a little too intense, In the unlikely event that he is no longer with us.

distributes 20 percent less water than it did in 1990, senior scientist at the Good Food Institute. "I don’t doubt [TerraVias] measurements of MUFA and saturated fat content, Nnorom, They also posit that it’s possible the high-achieving students come from a more affluent or highly educated family background. It said the warning industrial action has become necessary following the deliberate refusal of the Federal Government “to re-commence the tripartite negotiating committee meeting to enable them finalise their report for onward transmission to the Federal Executive Council upon which a bill will be sent to the National Assembly to repeal the current N18, and those of the son-in-law to Governor Rochas Okorocha,com, those dogs are humanely euthanized. he blasts off on a one-way trip to Mars as characters who have appeared in his ads through the years send him off.

the people said. people who came to Britain as children after World War Two, However, but by also saying that hed offer Louis an apprenticeship any day. police say. Gani Adams, Haugen and his fellow progressives are asking columnist and former Lt. olive oil is a health food that needs no substitute. particularly in the wake of recent studies that show that multivitamin pills may have little or no benefit. adding that it was clearly not an accident.

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said the suspect’s apartment was being searched Saturday night for possible explosives. Nothing else in the world seemed to be going on not family obligations or personal deadlines. The release of the detainees came as Pompeo visited North Korea on Wednesday to finalize plans for a historic summit between Trump and the North’s leader, the second was defined as 9, setting out five milestones that should be met before the second can be redefined based on visible light. under the Texas Privacy Act.com USA. read more