Find out how Bakar has shown that it deserves its place under the “tourist sun”

first_imgIn the city of Bakar, which has no tourist but industrial past, they started proactively telling a new story, with the aim of changing the perception from negative to positive, ie to show their tourist story and perspective, in which they can and have something to show.Copper certainly deserves its place under the sun in Kvarner, but as it starts practically from scratch and with a strong negative perception, the beginning is always difficult, especially when working and building something in more than scarce resources, both human and financial. Every start is difficult, it requires a lot of energy, effort, energy and work, but the most important thing is to start.It was TZ Bakra that bravely stepped forward and started actively telling tourist stories from Bakar. Thus, through the storytelling concept, last week she told the story of the famous Frankopan family through the interpretation tour “Walk with the virgin Margaret” as part of the event “Walk through history – the time of the Frankopans”. All this is part of the Margaret Summer event, which lasts from June 23.06. to 28.07.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Thus, for nine long centuries from the first mention of the Frankopan princes of Krk, they were the inspiration for the program designed by the Tourist Board of Bakar and the City of Bakar to evoke the Middle Ages by opening the doors of the imposing Frankopan castle in Bakar for the first time.In the labyrinth of his rooms, he revived the life of the Middle Ages, which was staged by the Association for Revived History “Ordo Sancti Viti”, evoking a medieval armory, dormitory, office, gastronomy and crafts. In addition to local and authentic gastronomic delicacies of copper associations, visitors listened to interesting, instructive and witty stories about the Frankopans told by professional narrator Srebrenka Peregrin, but also enjoyed the old dances performed by the dance group Kontea from Konjščina. Their medieval costumes were designed according to the ideas of the dancers themselves, and the leader Renata Kreber Mikšaj pointed out that it was a special experience to dance in such an authentic space. “We are in this building for the first time and considering many similar ones I have seen in the country and abroad, I think that Bakar’s Kastel belongs to the very top in terms of its beauty and potential, and I am looking forward to its complete renovation. ” pointed out Kreber Mikšaj.One of the most impressive experiences was the program in the atrium of Kaštela in which the klapas “Škrljevo” and “Reful” sang alternately and spontaneously, and with them the audience nibbling on baškote and toasting with Bakar water and Frankopan cake of the tourist future of Bakar, enjoying the concert excellent Šibenik tenor Marko Škugor.The greatest interest of visitors was caused by the sightseeing of the city of Bakar, in addition to the traditional and well-attended, for the first time they could participate in the interpretation tour “Walk with the Virgin Margeret” designed exclusively for this occasion by Iva Silla, the first licensed interpretation guide and coach in Croatia. The walk on Bakar’s Peril, a place on the waterfront where rich sources of fresh water flow into the sea and where Bakar’s women used to wash clothes, attracted a large number of visitors to Bakar in two terms.One of the visitors even went down to Perilo to show the clumsy maid Margaret the way copper women used to do it. Guides Ivo Silla as the diva Margareta and Marjeta Trkman Kravar as Elizabeta Frankopan studied the history of Bakar, which they transformed into a drinkable, dynamic, interactive walk through Bakar, in which they were faithfully accompanied by visitors from all over Kvarner, but also from Zagreb and Slovenia. . “The success of this tour confirms that the tourist audience is eager for such content and that our city really has a series of stories that are worth telling so that one day, finally, the industrial for which it is known, pushed into the background. We are happy with great reactions like one of our Bakranin, a doctor who lives in Zagreb and a history lover who was delighted with the way two Zagreb guides presented and studied the history of Frankopan and Bakar or a Slovenian guest who said that it is not necessary to go to destinations such as is the Cinque Terre when Copper is so close! ” said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar, Sonja Jelušić Marić, announcing a lot of new tourist products based on the interpretation of natural and historical heritage as the main trump card of the tourist development of the city of Bakar.That this tourist story happened in a “bigger and more famous” city as well as a dog with a bigger budget, although it is a well-arranged story, concept, interpretation, involvement and education of the local population, promotion of indigenous gastronomy, as well as the overall performance , I’m sure many would talk about Copper.But that is why support should always be given to those who do not accept the “status quo” and who are awake dreaming of a better and brighter future. Tourism is one of the important tools for presenting oneself in a new world, because logically, tourism attracts tourists, both domestic and foreign, as well as the media. That is why Russia ran to host the World Cup, which is currently underway, to show the global scene and tourists another modern and positive story about Russia, and change the stereotype of “drunk Russians stumbling through the streets.” Regardless of the price, in Russia the whole cost of organizing this mega event is not seen as a cost, but as an investment.It is extremely difficult to develop a tourist product in an area that has not been on the tourist map so far, especially when it has a negative connotation, such as in the case of Bakar – heavy industry. Of course, in the whole story, the awareness of the whole destination, ie the community, is important, as tourism can be a new economic branch of development, and in the case of Bakar it certainly can, and it is necessary to invest a lot of energy, effort and most importantly money. rather than evolving for decades, snail steps. Development needs to be accelerated, and we can only do that by investing. Investing in events is the fastest step, of course if we arrange the whole story wisely and strategically, and the most important thing is again the awareness that this is not a cost, but an investment. Manifestations develop in 3-5 years at best to be self-sustaining and that is the process.Perhaps the best example is Baranja, which was in a similar situation. If someone had said five years ago that tourists would come to Baranja from Zagreb on weekends, they would have laughed at him, and today Baranja has positioned itself as the main Slavonian tourist destination.Bravo for Bakar, which needs much greater support from the CNTB, MINT and the Kvarner Tourist Board, both in logistical, professional and financial aspects. We need help for destinations that do not yet have a developed tourist infrastructure and tourist products, of course for those that have real tourist potentials, and Bakara certainly has all the prerequisites.Just imagine the spectacle of the Naval Battle of Bakar, which attracted 15.000 visitors last year, at the production level of Advent in Zagreb or the Rijeka Carnival? Yes, Bakar deserves this story, and not only them, but all other “small and insufficiently developed” tourist destinations that have great tourist potential, because they certainly can not make that step forward.And that’s why Copper drops down. 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